16 November 2018

World Diabetes Day celebrated at the Ibn Tofail University of Kenitra, Morocco

16 November 2018The Ibn Tofail University (ITU), member institution of the UNAI, and the Moroccan League for the Fight against Diabetes organized on the 9th and 10th of November a two days event celebrating World Diabetes Day under this year’s theme “Family and Diabetes”. Amongst the many purposes of the event, the organizers focused on raising awareness around diabetes among the general public and patients of the disease as well as emphasizing on the importance of prevention.

Held for two days, this initiative with social and medical dimensions was characterized by the organization of awareness meetings and education around diabetes and healthy lifestyle. The program also included a training session discussing the illness, between doctors and nurses in Kenitra and its region, as well as a major blood glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride and influenza vaccine screening campaign for free.

During the first day, doctors and specialists of diabetes offered education trainings and workshops for physicians (public and private) on:

The complications and treatment of Diabetes;
Diabetes education: its essential role in the management of diabetes;
Hypoglycemia and Diabetes;
Hyperglycemia and Diabetes;
Diabetes and pregnancy;
What's new in the treatment of diabetes?;
Insulin therapy: why, when and how?
Discussion on clinical cases

The main goal of the event was to help people with diabetes improve the management of their condition; to promote the education of people with diabetes; to improve diabetes care throughout the country and to promote diabetes research and national epidemiology.

According to Professor Jamal Belkhadir, president of the Moroccan League for the fight against diabetes, the choice of Kenitra for the organization of this day follows an initiative of the Ibn Tofail University (ITU), known for its openness to the scientific, medical, economic and social environment. "This event is the perfect opportunity to highlight our country's efforts in the fight against diabetes. It is also an opportunity to remind us of the importance of prevention against this disease and how to preserve the health capital of patients," he said.

While welcoming this initiative, which he described as praiseworthy, the President of the Ibn Tofail University (ITU), Mr. Azeddine El Midaoui emphasized on the importance of the participatory approach to improve the living conditions of citizens, especially in the field of health. He also paid tribute to the Moroccan League for the fight against diabetes for the tireless efforts that it continues to carry out in the fight against a disease that requires monitoring, supervision and support.

Mr. El Midaoui also highlighted the importance of the University’s openness, and emphasized on the ITU’s role that is not only limited to students’ education, but also “contributes effectively to the promotion of values ​​of patriotism, citizenship and solidarity”.

According to the latest estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), 422 million people worldwide are diabetic, 47% of whom are women, diabetes is expanding significantly globally.  Diabetes is characterized by the seriousness of the complications it causes. In fact, it is the leading cause of end-stage renal failure, blindness and amputation of the lower limbs, and is the sixth leading cause of death. According to the Moroccan League for the fight against diabetes, the situation is particularly worrying in Morocco.

Thanks to the meetings, workshops, awareness raising and screening campaigns, the celebration of World Diabetes Day has enabled the general public in the region of Gharb Chrarda Beni Hssen and the surrounding regions of Kenitra to be informed and to better understand the importance of prevention.