7 March 2019

Winter School at Al Farabi KazNU discusses the risks of journalism profession

The Faculty of Journalism of the Kazakh National University held the 6th International Winter School for young journalists from Central Asian countries, including female media professionals from Afghanistan. The Winter School of Journalism and Communication was organized with the support of the Almaty Cluster Office of UNESCO, the UN Information Centre (UNIC), UNAI and Ban Ki-moon Institute for Sustainable Development.

This event, which took place on World Radio Day, was attended by journalists, media specialists and scholars from Canada, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan and Kyrgyzstan. More than 170 media scholars and journalists shared with students the professional techniques of the media profession, the new trends in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and insights into the future of the media market.

Special attention was paid to the work on quality education (Sustainable Development Goal #4), media education, media startups and innovative approaches of working with the youth audience. Students discussed media work in various situations including developing and strengthening political dialogue, tolerance and peace in areas of conflicts and post-war environment. A substantive programme of seminars and workshops was designed to provide a platform for interactive discussions and debates. 

At the opening ceremony, Sergey Karpov, communications and information expert of the UNESCO Cluster Bureau made a presentation entitled Radio as a Means of Developing Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace. The Officer-in-Charge of the UN Information Office Almaty Abdurahim Mukhidov, the Representative of the Department of Global Communications in the UN Office in Almaty Vlastimil Samek, and the head of the political group of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Almash Arenova discussed the international dimension of media development and partnership for the goals (SDG 17).

The Winter School welcomed a group of young female media specialists from Afghanistan, including BBC news reporter Ms. Safi Hamed, TV NEWS reporter Ms. Nuraksh Nargis, Tolo News reporters Ms. Shahid Anisa and Ms. Ashrafi Nabilla, and director of the Tolo News Magazine PR Ms. Shahabi Royen. They presented a joint report Peace, Dialogue and Tolerance in Afghan Journalism. Ms. Ashrafi Nabilla discussed the risks and danger of journalism profession in Afghanistan, including the recent killing of Said Samim Faramarz. Shahabi Royen talked about the role of media in the modern Afghan society and presented case studies. Shahid Anisa, a famous television journalist in Afghanistan, spoke about the practical skills found in the daily life of a journalist, and media education in Afghanistan.

At the media event, Professor Rafis Abazov presented the MUN NSW program "Communication for Sustainable Development." Dr. Gospel of Papuatsaki held a practical seminar on the theme: "Building Waves: Developing Communications and the Role of Radio in Social Transformations." For three days students were encouraged to use the dialogue platform, which united everyone despite the differences in languages, cultures, and locations.

The event was attended by the representatives of Ban Ki-moon Institute of Sustainable Development; UN Model New Silk Way (MUN NSW); Altai State University, Russia; “Nurotan”, Almaty, Er-Daut LLP; Publishing House "Kazakh University". RTRK "Kazakhstan"; Skills academy LLP; Bugin.kz platform of independent authors; Massaget.kz Youth portal; Radio Planet of Altai State University; TRK Al-Farabi KazNU and others.