Will you assist VPAI at AGMUS in developing a survey study associated with global citizenship?

As an evolving concept, various Global Citizenship models have been proposed over the years. In addition, a preliminary review of the literature regarding this theme suggests that perceptions regarding Global Citizenship are influenced by politics, economics, geography, culture, history, educational level, socioeconomic status, and possibly, race and gender. Differences in the perceptions of the concept of global citizenship need to be further explored and analyzed. Moreover, a comparative analysis regarding those perceptions, will help educators around the world to develop curricular strategies that will impact the teaching and learning of global citizenship, within their regions and even abroad. Thus, the Vice-presidency of International Affairs (VPAI) at the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) proposes to conduct an international survey to identify a set of concepts that are most often associated with global citizenship, as defined by the United Nations and the global citizenship research literature. This study will provide the opportunity to document the perceptions of representatives of UNAI member institutions around the world. In addition, the VPAI staff will develop curricular recommendations regarding the teaching and learning of global citizenship. Hence, the VPAI at AGMUS, is seeking partners that are interested in developing and implementing this correlational survey study regarding the concepts and terminology most often associated with global citizenship.
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