15 August 2018

Welcome Millennium Fellows Class of 2018: Over 530 Young People Working to Make the Sustainable Development Goals and UNAI Principles a Reality

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) and United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) are proud to present the Millennium Fellowship Class of 2018, an ambitious program to help make the Sustainable Development Goals and UNAI principles a reality. Millennium Fellows were selected based on their leadership on sustainable development-related projects that advance the SDGs in their communities, and as fellows they will participate in a semester long leadership development program to improve their student organizing, partnership building and community impact skills. 

The Millennium Fellowship Class of 2018 includes 530 Fellows from over 30 campuses in 13 nations that are participating in the program this year. The class of 2018 is on track to include projects covering all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and all 10 UNAI Principles. This year's class is set to impact the lives of over 310,000 people across the globe. Here is just a snippet of the fantastic projects the Class of 2018 has taken on:  

At Alma College in Alma, Michigan, USA, Fellows are advancing SDG 2 - zero hunger - by creating an aquaponics farm.  The immediate goal of Big Box Farm is to produce 400 heads of lettuce and 50 pounds of fish to tackle food insecurity locally; the long-term goal is to convert a vacant supermarket lot into a large-scale aquaponics farm, sourcing produce to campus dining services, local food banks and hospitals.

At Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana, Fellows are advancing SDG 10 - reducing inequalities within and among countries - by providing training in information technology and computer skills to 400 people who are visually impaired.

At Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Fellows are advancing SDG 5 - gender equality - through cybersecurity.  The Cyber Security Club leaders note that the field is just 20% female. This fall they will run digital capture the flag competitions to help mentor and support young women entering the field.

At TKM College of Engineering in Kerala, India, Fellows are advancing SDG 12 - responsible consumption and production - by creating a community hub with a library and cafe that are run on clean energy by an accompanying gym.

Ban Ki-moon, eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, shared his enthusiasm for the project, "As Millennium Fellows, we need you to lead by example - with empathy, humility, and inclusion as guiding values. You can embrace global citizenship, building a strong global network to learn from and support each other…We are all counting on you to affirm the dignity of people and our planet, now and for years to come.”

United Nations Academic Impact is proud to partner with MCN on this initiative, and you can check out our website in the coming weeks for more detailed articles on the Millennium Fellows and their projects. You can learn more about the Millennium Fellowship and the 2018 class of fellows at the fellowship website