Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology

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Professor VSS Kumar
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Vice Chancellor
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Sivaperumal S
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Director for International Relations
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Academic programmes are offered in Engineering, Management, Media Technology and Law. The Academic curriculum of the Institution facilitates collaborative learning with Research projects and taught by committed faculty members, leading experts from Industries/Organizations and International visiting faculty. Vel Tech has strong connections with the Highly reputed Institutions across the world for various Academic and Research Exchange of Faculty and Students. The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) gives student’s flexibility to choose the course of their choice and learn at their own pace. CDIO methodology is also practiced in the curriculum, an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of Engineers. The Institution is the first member from India to implement and practice CDIO methodology.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
Towards the principle of "Education Opportunity for all", the Institution has instituted various scholarship schemes with prime objective to provide affordable world-class education to aspiring students irrespective of their financial means. Since the first award of the scholarship in 2009, Vel Tech has bestowed 9500 scholarships worth approximately Rs.99 Crores until 2019.