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1 February 2018

The UNtold story of the United Nations

1 February 2018 – Members of the United Nations Academic Impact network may be interested to know that a new edition of UNtold: The real story of the United Nations in peace and war is now available. Meant to entertain as well as inform, the book offers a journalistic take on the United Nations, highlighting particular moments in the history and growth of the institution. In part anecdotal, in part behind-the-scenes, UNtold shows the many layers of political, social and personal concerns that colour the work of the United Nations. The text is interwoven with humorous illustrations drawn by the cartoonist Krishna. 

UNtold provides a different perspective on the United Nations than the Organization’s own flagship handbook Basic Facts about the United Nations, which in its newest edition reports comprehensively on recent developments in the United Nations and its Funds and Programmes and specialized agencies, especially those related to Agenda 2030 and sustainable development. Apart from its journalistic perspective, however, one substantive focus of UNtold is the “responsibility to protect“—conceived to prevent mass atrocities; another lies on the perception of power relations among United Nations member states.