University of Mohamed Boudiaf at M’Sila algeria

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University of Mohamed Boudiaf at M’Sila
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Baddari Kamel
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Vice rector of externel relations
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Vice rector of pedagogy
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University of Mohamed BOUDIAF at M’Sila, created in 1985, is a multidisciplinary higher education public institution. It counts now more than 29629 enrolled students, 1402 full-track teachers and 1265 technical and administrative staff. In addition to two National Institutes: Management of Urban Techniques – Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities, the university hosts seven faculties: Technology – Sciences – Mathematics and Computer sciences- Law and Political Sciences – Economics – Letters and Languages – Humanities and Social Sciences and. The University of Mohammed Boudiad at Msila encourages scientific research in harmony with the up-to-date challenges of globalization. It currently embraces 23 research laboratories, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, covering several areas. This desire to open up to the socio-economic world has resulted today in the signing of several research conventions and cooperation agreements with academic institutions in several countries (France, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan … etc.). These arrangements are designed to facilitate scientific exchanges and foster the mobility of researchers, students and academic staff. Our university wants itself attentive to the needs of its socio-economic partners, in terms of human resources training. The entente between the university and the local and national economic sector becomes a priority in a rapidly changing economic context. Thus, several agreements have been signed with national and international companies.
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Many activities