Universitatea Maritima Din Constanta

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Constanta Maritime University
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104 Mircea cel Batran Street, CONSTANTA, 900663
+40 0755 210 720
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Proffessor Ph.D. Eng.-Coordinator of the specialization of Engineering and environmental protection in industry
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Dean of Faculty of Naval Electromechanics
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Proff.Ph.D. Eng. Coordinator of Holistic on the Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on Environment and Climate CENTER
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Academic Council: Rector Prof. Violeta Ciucur, Ph.D. Vice-Rector for Institutional Development and International Relations Assoc. Prof. Ph.Dl.Ph.D. Hanzu Radu Vice-Rector for Academic Activity Prof. Eliodor CONSTANTINESCU, Ph.D. Vice-Rector for Research and Scientific Innovation Assoc. Prof.Ph.D. Raicu Gabriel, Ph.D. Dean of Navigation Faculty Prof. Costel STANCA, Ph.D. Dean of Electromechanics Faculty Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. STAN Liviu Constantin Managing Director Ec. GHITA Lidia Academic year structure: Each academic year starts in the first week of October, being divided into two semesters. Each semester has 14 weeks dedicated to didactic activities. Two regular examination sessions are organized for the students each academic year – usually held in February and May-June respectively – and at least one second examination session in autumn, before the beginning of the academic year. The second examination sessions are organized for the students that did not attain or failed one or more subjects’ examinations during the regular examination sessions. Academic Programmes: 1. Undergraduate Studies Programme: NAVIGATION AND NAVAL TRANSPORT FACULTY, specialization Navigation and Maritime and River Transport;domain-Naval Engineering and Navigation- eng. 4 years; NAVAL ELECTROMECHANICS FACULTY, specializations Electromechanics (Department of Electronics and Telecommunications; Department of Engineering Sciences in the Electrical Field; Department of Engineering Sciences in the Mechanical Field and Environment; Department of Department of General Engineering Sciences); domain Naval Engineering and Navigation-- eng. 4 years; 2. Undergraduate Studies Programme Part Time- NAVIGATION AND NAVAL TRANSPORT FACULTY, specialization Navigation and Maritime and River Transport;domain-Navigation and Maritime and River Transport- eng. 4 years; NAVAL ELECTROMECHANICS FACULTY, domain Naval Engineering and Navigation - eng. 4 years -specializations Electromechanics; domain Electrical Engineering- eng. 4 years - specialization Electrotechnics 3. Master Studies Programme: domain-Naval Engineering and Navigation; specialization Offshore oil and gas technology and management; duration 2 years; domain-Naval Engineering and Navigation; specialization Advanced Engineering in the Oil and Gas Offshore Industry, duration 2 years. 4. Ph. D. Programme: FACULTY NAVAL ELECTROMECHANICS; domain Engineering Science, specialization Mechanical Engineering
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
University prospectus: https://cmu-edu.eu/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2015/09/University-Prospectus-web.pdf International partnerships:https://cmu-edu.eu/en/about-us/international-relations/international-relations-partnerships/ Constanta Maritime University has been actively involved in the international maritime community, thus concluding several bilateral protocols with maritime universities, aimed to ensure both students and teachers mobilities and exchange of expertise in the maritime field. Currently there are 23 such partnerships. Affiliations:https://cmu-edu.eu/en/about-us/international-relations/affiliations/ Black Sea Universities Network BSUN (1999); International Association of Maritime Universities IAMU (2000); International Association of Universities IAU (2007);Swedishclub (2008); International Maritime Lecturers’ Association IMLA (2000); Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions BSAMI (2010); Global On-Board Training Center GOBTC (2013); Declaration of Taloirres (2020) Doctor Honoris Causa (https://cmu-edu.eu/en/about-us/international-relations/doctor-honoris-causa/)