Université Libre de Tunis (ULT)

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ULT University
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+216 71 902 811
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Deputy CEO
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nadia guendouz
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Public Relation
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Mehdi bouebdelli
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ULT University was founded in 1973. Hence, it is the oldest private higher education provider in Tunisia and Africa: four schools with specialties ranging from engineering, business, law and architecture. ULT University is a triple certified ISO standard which provide to the student a high education level. Our excellent professors are engaged to transmit hard but also soft skills to insure high potential employees to the marke. Its core promise relies on high employability of its graduates and the adequation of its curriculums with the needs of the employment market. For this, L'ULT is keeping close position to the firms to improve constantly its curriculum in phase with tomorrow's market needs.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
- Since 1973 Université ULT believe in "equality of chances" and offers opportunities to those who can't reach prestigious national education to continue their dreams with excellence keeping. – Univresité ULT believes in global citizenship by recruiting students and teachers coming from different place in the world. Université ULT believe in open knowledge and share it with all other national and international universities. Université ULT believe in democracy and Human rights and proven it when dictatorship was installed before revolution by recruiting professors who were in the opposition.