Université de Parakou

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University of Parakou
Mailing address: 
BP 123
00229 23 61 07 12
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Name: 
Prosper Gandaho
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Title/Position: 
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Email: 
Focal point 1 - Name: 
Mathias Hounnou Azoua
Focal point 1 - Title: 
Assistant of the General Secretary to the University
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Focal point 2 - Name: 
Diane Gandonou
Focal point 2 - Title: 
General Secretary of the University
Focal point 2 - Email: 
Focal point 3 - Name: 
Gomes Ansèque Coami
Focal point 3 - Title: 
Vice-Rector of the University
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Please provide a brief description of your academic structure: 
University of Parakou was created in September 2001. It is located in the North Benin, 400KM from Cotonou (Benin Republic). It is composed of ten professional schools and Faculties. The most important fields study are: Medical school, Faculty of Law, Agronomy, Economics and Management, Statistics, Social Sciences and humanities and Letters, Technology. Up to date University of Parakou has registered around 22.000 of students with about 250 Lecturers and 190 Administrative staff. University of Parakou is provided with a certain number of infrastructures and dormitories (400 places) for the students on the campus of Parakou city.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
University of Parakou has launched a program of promoting local vegetable for fight against poverty. This program has demontrated that by integrated indigenous vegetables in Benin population daily meal that could help the country gaining currencies for development purposes and also could solve many diseases problem in our community and then by correcting sustainable food supply for the community. It also help researchers to promote technologies of food processing in Benin Republic.