Universidade Federal do Para

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Federal University of Para
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Maria Iracilda da Cunha Sampaio
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Edmar Tavares da Costa
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Dermaval da Hora Oliveira
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President of American Latin Association of Philology and Linguistics
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Simone Neno
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Federal University of Pará (UFPA) is located at North Region of Brazil, in Amazonia. It is a multicampi public higher education institution which is present in 54% of the Para state, this means UFPA has 12 campi and 65 learning centres in countryside of Para. In number of students it is the first Brazilian university, with around 50.000. There are 100 undergraduate courses and 110 graduate programs at UFPA, in different areas of knowledge. UFPA Central Administration is concerned to provide education opportunity for all, especially for the most vulnerable people.
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1. Federal University of Pará is an institution based on principles of sustainability, based on preventing degradation and pollution of nature; in care with a source of natural resources such as water, for example. As we are in Amazonia, in a tropical climate with rainfall all year round, there are some strong initiatives of research about the rain water at UFPA. 2. The Uni has a special examination for include indigenous and afrodescendent individuals every year to provide education opportunity for all, to promote peace and stimulate an intercultural dialogue at the multicultural ambience in the Uni. 3. All staff at the Uni learn it is mandatory to fight against prejudice, intolerance and racism. So, our practice is for fighting poverty through education.
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