Universidade Federal do Cariri

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Federal University of Cariri
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Centro Multiuso de Juazeiro do Norte (Vapt-Vupt) – 3º andar Rua Interventor Francisco Erivano Cruz, 120 – Centro, Juazeiro do No
+55 (88) 3221.9201
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Ricardo Luiz Lange Ness
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Laura Hévila Inocêncio Leite
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Vice-Rector and Dean of Research, Postgraduate and Innovation
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Fabiana Aparecida Lazzarin
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Dean of Outreach Programs
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David Vernon Vieira
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International Cooperation Officer
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The Universidade Federal do Cariri (UFCA) is a public university based in Juazeiro do Norte (Ceará state, Brazil), with three advanced campus in Crato, Barbalha and Brejo Santo (cities in the same state). UFCA now has 23 options of undergraduate courses, and 13 master’s and 2 doctoral degree courses, in all areas of knowledge. More than 2,600 students walk around its campus on a daily basis. The UFCA has three Halls for events with a total of 686 seats, three university restaurants in all campuses and four libraries to support researchers and students.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
The Dean of Research, Postgraduate and Innovation (PRPI) encourages and promotes scientific and technological research in various areas of knowledge in order to contribute to the sustainable regional development of Cariri, especially focusing on the interdisciplinarity of research topics. In these six years of existence, the articulated action of PRPI, in partnership with UFCA researchers, has allowed the emergence of 70 Research Groups, involving researchers, technicians, undergraduate and graduate students in 371 research projects. Thus, all these research groups cover a vast field within the Cariri region, in the south of Ceará, state located in the northeast of Brazil where UFCA is located. So, these research projects corroborate the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially the SDGs 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. These goals, which aim to transform our world, but already It makes a difference in our region, especially in terms of products that impact on social technologies. Thus, while still a young institution, UFCA already produces quality research in the middle of the region known as the "Oasis of the Wilderness" of Ceará, studying objects such as fossils, medicinal plants, software applied to engineering to control water supply and dimensions involving gender violence and human rights. We stand firm for our purpose of fighting for more research investment, and to be able to bring some of the best we have here, to the world through international cooperation agreements. The Dean of Outreach Programs and Services (PROEX) of the Universidade Federal do Cariri (UFCA) expresses an active vision in advocating for outreach actions with the community, attributing to it the construction of social cohesion, the reduction of inequalities, health and well-being. community, and quality education exercising its praxis. Through an interdisciplinary educational, cultural and scientific process it promotes the transformative interaction between the UFCA and Society, permanently articulating global principles. In its six years of existence (2013 to 2019), PROEX has allowed the application of approximately 600 outreach actions directly benefiting approximately 150,000 people in the region of cariri cearense. People impacted by outreach actions could have their lives transformed through training in the area of consumption and sustainable agricultural production; construction; qualification for elementary school teachers; medical care for vulnerable populations; actions aimed at addressing poverty in the region through entrepreneurship; commitment to social inclusion and promotion of human rights related to a decent life, among others. This vast field of action of the outreach programs and services in UFCA strategically fits in with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and among its main actions we can highlight: social development with projects educating for another world and fostering sustainable rural development; development of entrepreneurial actions for women and their respective insertions in the labor market; health and educational training in addressing patients in cardiac arrest, prevention of cardiovascular disease; actions that contribute to the process of welcoming, promoting and integrating the Venezuelan refugee applicant into the different public policies available in the state of Ceará.