Universidade Federal da Bahia

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Federal University of Bahia
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Palácio da Reitoria, Rua Augusto Viana, s/n, Salvador - Bahia, CEP: 40110-909
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Name: 
João Carlos Salles Pires da Silva
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Focal point 1 - Name: 
Elizabeth Ramos
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International Affairs Dean
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Tereza Betânia Almeida
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Student Exchange Coordinator
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The Federal University of Bahia – UFBA – is an institution part of the Brazilian Federal System of Higher Education, based in the city of Salvador, State of Bahia. It offers 101 graduation courses and 143 post-graduation courses (master’s and doctorate), with approximately 44.000 registered students.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
1 - Family farming projects and appreciation of agricultural cooperatives together with UNICEF; 2 - University Interiorization; 3 - Quotas and other policies of access and permanence for quilombolas, indigenous and students in socioeconomic vulnerability situation; 4 - Extension projects in art, music and culture for the community 5 - Projects with shoreline communities 6 - SDG Network Universities - Brazil - PNUD Brazil