Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira

Official translation into English (if original is not English): 
University for the International Integration of the Afro-Brazilian Lusophony
Mailing address: 
Avenida da Abolição, 3 - Centro, Redenção/CE, 62790-000
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Name: 
Alexandre Cunha Costa
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Title/Position: 
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Email: 
Focal point 1 - Name: 
Max César de Araújo
Focal point 1 - Title: 
Institutional Relations Prorector
Focal point 1 - Email: 
Focal point 2 - Name: 
Pedro Henrique Rodrigues
Focal point 2 - Title: 
Head of the Cooperation Agreement Service
Focal point 2 - Email: 
Please provide a brief description of your academic structure: 
Academic Structure: Our university has nine academic Institutes under “Teaching, Research and Extension Council” orientation: - Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences - Institute of Applied Social Sciences - Institute of Health Sciences - Institute of Rural Development - Institute of Engineering and Sustainable Development - Institute of Humanities - Males Campus Institute of Humanities and Letters - Institute of Languages and Literature - Institute of Distance Education Each Institute have specific departments for undergraduate, specialization programs and master's degrees.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
The main converging projects that the University has for the purposes of UNAI are: RIPES - Public Institutions of Higher Education Network, CONSAN - Portal of Food and Nutritional Security, under the scope of the CPLP, inclusion and social development projects, and others activities.