Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam

Official translation into English (if original is not English): 
Ikiam University
Mailing address: 
Parroquia Muyuna, kilómetro 7 vía a Alto Tena
+593 6 370 0040
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Name: 
Caroline Bacquet
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Title/Position: 
Rector (in charge)
Head of Institution/Senior Applicant Email: 
Focal point 1 - Name: 
Carolina Bolaños
Focal point 1 - Title: 
Head of Inter-institutional Relations Office
Focal point 1 - Email: 
Focal point 2 - Name: 
Daniel Coronel
Focal point 2 - Title: 
Academic Adviser
Focal point 2 - Email: 
Focal point 3 - Name: 
Pablo Jarrín
Focal point 3 - Title: 
Research and Innovation Coordinator
Focal point 3 - Email: 
Please provide a brief description of your academic structure: 
Ikiam University is governed by a Management Commission with internal and external members, chaired by the rector. The university has an administrative and academic leading structure. The academic branch formed by the Academic Vice Chancellor, the Deans, each program’s directors, the Research and Innovation Coordinator, academic - research units and faculty members, laboratory staff and researchers. At the administrative branch we have coordinators, directors and technical and assistance staff.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
Ikiam University is an Ecuadorian Public Higher Education Institution, which works in three fundamental pillars: higher education, research and community engagement. It works for the development of knowledge, science and quality education for the conservation and sustainability of the natural resources. We aim to be a Regional reference for the contribution of solutions to the current social and environmental challenges through actions aligned to the Sustainable Development Objectives and have human rights and gender as cross-cutting principles.