Universidad Austral de Chile

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Yungay 809. Prorrectoría - Universidad Austral de Chile. Unidad de Relaciones Internacionales. Valdivia. Chile.
+56 63 2 29 37 09
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Oscar Galindo
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Mario Calvo
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Maite Castro
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Director of International Affairs
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Cristina Eftimie
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Head of International Agreements and Cooperation
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UACh is the largest and oldest university of Southern Chile. At present, UACh represents the most important knowledge engine and research and education core for the regional development. The university’s growth has constantly been inspired by its initially settled values “knowledge and nature”. Highlights: UACh is a private nonprofit university, significantly state-financed. The University stands among the five most important universities in Chile. UACh enjoys a national 6 years full accreditation (2015 – 2021) in institutional management, undergraduate teaching, postgraduate teaching, and research and outreach activities. UACh covers humanism and science, arts, economics, law, architecture, engineering and medicine at undergraduate, graduate and research level. Research excellence characterizes UACh in the fields of forestry, bioscience and biotechnology, veterinary science, renewable energy and Antarctic research and oceanography with focus on climate change and ecology. Outreach is a relevant area of UACh that develops folkloric ballet and music, the Valdivia International Film Festival, university choruses and a chamber orchestra. The University runs through its own Museology Department several museums in Valdivia and Southern Chile. UACh holds two campuses in Valdivia, Region de Los Rios: Campus Isla Teja and Campus Miraflores. There is one clinical campus in Osorno, one campus in Puerto Montt, Region de Los Lagos and one campus in Coyhaique, Region de Aysén. The University also has a Representation Office in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Due to excellence research, geographical position and longstanding experience, UACh is a militant figure in the preservation of Patagonia. Dominant Educational Programs: we hereby mention the comprehensive education areas and only some of their associated programs. - Science: marine biology, biological sciences, chemistry and pharmacy. - Agriculture: agricultural sciences. - Economics and administration: accounting and auditing, business, tourism business administration. - Forestry and natural resources: forestry, natural resources conservation. - Law and social science: law. - Veterinary: veterinary science. - Engineering: acoustics, computer sciences, construction engineering· naval engineering. - Philosophy and humanities: · anthropology, journalism, education. - Medicine: medicine, nursing, dentistry, obstetrics, kinesiology, medical technology, occupational therapy, psychology. - Architecture and arts: visual arts, musical performance studies and architecture.
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Regionalism, decentralization and even opportunities for citizenship in core and peripheral regions (1), education opportunity for all (2), fighting poverty through education (3), inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, particularly integration and respect to indigenous minorities rights (4) and sustainability (5) are the five most represented UN principles within UACh. The university is based in the South of Chile, with campuses along Chilean Patagonia covering four important cities and their surroundings: Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt and Coyhaique. Boosting regionalism, fighting poverty through education and higher education opportunities for law economic income students and geographically isolated population have been the main lines of action since the university’s creation in 1954. During the last 10 - 15 years, academic leveling programs implemented on the three campuses (“Programa Propedeutico”) have given UACh such recognition as to be, at present, an active member of several capacity building Erasmus funded programs within complex networks (consortiums) of universities from Europe and Latin America. From 2009 up to date Universidad Austral accomplished the development of 62 regional development projects for a total of 8 calls opened by the Regional Government circumscribed to education, human health, creative industries, food industry, innovative entrepreneurship, agriculture and special interest tourism. The Outreach area of the university has a deep impact at regional level, with artistic and cultural production, knowledge and technology transfer, innovation and free enterprise and continuous education. The University runs several museums in Valdivia and Southern Chile through its own Museology Department and strongly boosted research and international presence in this area with the awarding of “Museums and Community: concepts, experiences and sustainability in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC MUSEUMS)” H2020 project in 2016. With a strong focus on basic and mostly applied sciences and education, where most of UACh undergraduate programs are concentrated, the university has developed an internationally recognized line of research on sustainability, specifically renewable energy, Antarctic Research and Oceanography (linked to climate change and ecology), Seismology and its links with Construction Engineering Sciences and Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture.
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