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Luis Ernesto Franchi
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Vice President of Extension
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Ezequiel Mateo Martinich
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Coordinator of International Cooperation
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Ezequiel Mateo Martinich
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Coordinator of International Cooperation
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Ezequiel Mateo Martinich
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Coordinator of International Cooperation
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UNIVERSIDAD ABIERTA INTERAMERICANA Fundación Iberoamericana de Estudios Superiores is the legal name of the Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI), university member of the Vanguardia Educativa “Vaneduc” Group, a non-confessional organization strongly committed to educational research and assessment, since 1942 in Argentine. 20 Colleges, a Gymnasium, a Sports Center, Offices and the University compose this institution, with a history spanning more than 6 decades, counts with 1,200,000 m2 building infrastructure, and it. More than 3,200 highly skilled educators, who receive constant updating courses in every area of knowledge, compose the Academic Staff. It also has the University Hospital in Buenos Aires and equivalent in Rosario, as well as infrastructure and equipment for research in the Higher Education Centers (in Health, Education, Global Studies, Information Technology, Clinical Pharmacological Research, Immunocompromised and Bioterio). The UAI has founded in 1995; it also counts with the recognition and accreditation of many National and International non-government Education organizations. This University, whose main concern is excellence at the service of education, offers its students and community many benefits, high-tech technology, state of the art equipment, and the settlement of very important agreements. The University created an Academic Project ideal and unique of its kind in our country. It contains internships from the first years, which connect the student with the reality of his professional future and help him consolidate himself vocationally. This allows the students to have a learning not merely encyclopaedist, but allows to unite the praxis to this, thus modeling the student's knowledge of theory to practice. The University has implemented a system of tutoring in order to guide students on their performance, their personal and human training. Students do not have to wait too long or be close to graduate in order to see their practical expectations materialized, nor does their average education, but rather their right to better training, depend on it. This is one of the most suitable mechanisms to complete and consolidate what have done in the classroom. Representing one of the forms that can adopt the academic training procedure and an educational complement that implies the direct and practical use of the knowledge of the career chosen. Thus, Univerisdad Abierta Interamericana is "Open – Abierta -" in the pedagogical, because students from the first day of class, access to their training and scientific knowledge in the medium, where, as professionals, will act in the future. "Open" in the social area because the students carry out internships throughout their careers, in companies and institutions related to the social environment and in the same way the citizens and neighboring institutions are formed and updated in our University through workshops and seminars (Preventive Medicine , First Aid, Management, etc.). Research and Teaching as axes of a work generating cooperative programs with public and private institutions that extend solidarity and with democratic sense, the fruits of the UAI. This University, whose main concern is excellence at the service of education, offers its students and community many benefits, high-tech technology, state of the art equipment, and the settlement of very important agreements. The UAI in numbers: Here are some information that reflect the entire structure of UAI available for that student who wish to start university studies: • 1.200.000 m2 of infrastructure. • 24.000 students (Buenos Aires Headquarters, Rosario (Province of San Santa Fe and San Nicolás, Province of Buenos Aires). • 5.500 students of maximum capacity per year. • 500 foreign students per year. • 120 internships for UAI students. • 52 Degree and 19 Postgraduate Courses. • 40 students maximum per classroom. • 43 computer and telecommunications laboratories. • 5 students per teacher in hospital practice. • More than 50% of teachers hold a postgraduate degree in degree programs. 100% in Postgraduate. • 95% of teachers have the Degree of Professor. • 12% dropout rate. • 91% level of satisfaction with the University. • 88% get work in the first 6 months of graduating in the area that was formed. • 180 active agreements with multinational companies. • 45 active agreements with universities abroad. • 1 hospital of very high complexity • 12 agreements with hospital of very high complexity. Graduate and Undergraduate Schools and careers (G.D. Graduate Diploma/ I.D. Intermediate Degree) SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE • Bachelor of Architecture (5 years) • Bachelor of Interior Design (4 years) • Construction safety and health Specialization (2 years) SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION • Bachelor of Graphic Design (4 years) o I.D. Graphic Designer (3 years) • Bachelor of Journalism (4 years) o I.D. Journalist (3 years) • Bachelor in Audiovisual production (4 years) o I.D. Audiovisual Media technician (3 years) • Bachelor in Advertising (4 years) o I.D. Advertising Designer (3 years) • Bachelor in Public Relations (4 years) • University Technician in Audiovisual Productions Script (2 ½ years) • University Technician in Speech Communication (3 years) • University Technician in Sports Journalism (3 years) • Digital Journalism Specialization (2 years) SCHOOL OF BUSINESS • Public Accountant (4 ½ years) o I.D. Business Management University Analyst (3 years) • Bachelor in Administration (4 years) o I.D. Business Management University Analyst (3 years) • Bachelor in Marketing (4 years) o I.D. Marketing University Analyst (3 years) • Bachelor in International Business (4 years) o I.D. International Business and Trade University Analyst (3 years) • Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Engineering (4 years) • University Analyst in Business Management (3 years) • Sales University Technician (2 years) • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Auditor (2 years) • Master in Business Management (2 years) SCHOOL OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY • University Tour Guide (2 ½ years) • Bachelor in Hotel Management (4 years) o I.D. Hotel Management University Technician (3 years) • Bachelor in Tourism (4 years) o I.D. University Technician in Tourism (3 years) • University Technician in Events Organization and Management (2 years) • University Technician in Events Organization and Management – Distance Learning (2 years) SCHOOL OF LAW AND POLITICAL SCIENCE • Lawyer (intensive course 4 years) (5 years) o I.D. Bachelor of Law (3 years) • Bachelor in Political Science (4 years) • Bachelor in International Relations (4 years) • Judicial Auctioneer and consortium administrator (2 ½ years) • Master in Administrative Law (2 years) • Master in International Trade Law (2 years) SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT • Bachelor in Educational Science (5 years) I.D. University Professor in Educational Science (4 years) • Bachelor in Psychopedagogogy (5 years) • University Professor for Secondary School (for graduated professionals) (2 years) • Bachelor in Educational Institutions Management (1 ½ years) (for graduated teachers) • Bachelor in Pre-school and kindergarten Education (2 years) (for graduated teachers) • Degree in Management of Educational Institutions - Distance Learning (1 ½ years) • University Teaching Specialization (2 years) SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCE Accredited by CONEAU- Res. 697/04/ Accredited by CONAU- Res. 945/ 05 (Rosario) • U.D. Professional Nurse (2 years) • U.D. University Surgery Assistant (3 years) • U.D. University Technician in Dental Prosthesis (3 years) • Bachelor of Nursing (4 years) o I.D. University Nurse (3 years) • Bachelor in Kinesiology and physiatrist (5 years) • Medicine (6 years) • Bachelor of Nutrition o I.D. University Nutrition Assistant (3 years) • Bachelor in Bio images Production (4 years) o I.D. University Technician in Bio images Production (3 years) • Odontology ( 5 years) • Cardiology Specialization (2 years) • Sport Physical Therapy Specialization (2 years) • Specialization in Cardiology (2 years) • Specialization in Sports Kinesiology (2 years) • Specialization in Orthodontics (3 years) • Master in Clinical Pharmacology Research (2 years) • Master in Medical Sciences (2 years) • Master in Critical Cardiology (2 years) • Master's Degree in Clinical Pharmacological Research (2 years) • Doctor of Medicine (6 years) SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS • Bachelor in Physical Education and Sports (4 years) • Bachelor in Physical Education and Sports (plan for P.E. teachers) (1 year) • Physical Education Teacher (4 years) SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS • Bachelor in Music Therapy (5 years) o .D. Music Therapist (4 years) • Bachelor in Psychology (5 years) • Bachelor in Occupational Therapy (4 years) o I.D. Occupational Therapist (4 years) • Clinical Psychoanalytic Specialization (2 years) • Specialization in Cognitive Therapy (2 years) • Master in Organizational Psychology (2 years) SCHOOL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY • Information Systems Engineer (5 years) o I.D. Information Systems Analyst (3 years) • Bachelor in Mathematics (4 years) • University Professor in Mathematics (4 years) • Bachelor in Computer Technology Management (4 years) • University Technician in Administration of Virtual Communities (2 ½ years) • University Technician in Video Game Development (2 ½ years) • Specialization in Distributed Systems and Networks (1 ½ years) • Specialization in Networks and Distributed Systems (1 ½ years) • Master in Information Technology (2 years) • Master in Educational Technology (2 years) • Master in Educational Technology (2 years) • Master of Information Technology (2 years) • Analyst Programmer (Distance Learning) (2 years) Services: Characteristics of our Academic Project. University Campus in Buenos Aires Capital City, Great Buenos Aires and Rosario Our thirteen conveniently located campuses will give you the opportunity to study in different locations and shifts. More than 50 Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate careers. You can choose your future profession from a wide range of careers, with intermediate university diplomas, offering better job prospects during the course. Courses and other University Extension activities University Extension offers more than 300 different courses each year. It provides innovative learning programs to adult learners, by offering accessible and relevant courses. It also provides knowledge and connections for people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Internships in National companies. We offer internships from the first year of all university careers, allowing students to be in direct contact with the real world, in which they will interact as professionals, after graduation. University Vocational and Orientation meetings. Our Enrollment and Admission Department, in charge of Orientation, offers students the possibility of a free Vocational orientation test, with the aim of helping students when deciding their future profession. Research and teaching. At UAI, we take seriously our part in the enormous task of generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations, always with a strong commitment towards research with social responsibility. Our main function and goal in research, as stated in our original development plan, is “to generate and reconvert knowledge, transfer knowledge through teaching, spreading or direct application". In our Research Unit, we promote and support scientific research and knowledge transfer, by means of contributing and collaborating with the most important capital we have: students and teachers. Country Club: Rancho Taxco Our country club, located only 30 kilometers away from Buenos Aires downtown, offers an astonishing natural environment to enjoy outdoor leisure activities. Facilities: More than 100 hectares of forest, four swimming pools, and a sports center (volley, basketball, handball). Four football soccer fields, two Rugby and hockey fields, a softball diamond, a leisure circuit, climbing, two Polo fields, horse riding circuit and horse riding school with more than 100 horses. Educational farm and orchard, camping areas, indoor fireplaces and table/ bench combination for more than 500 people, outdoor fireplaces with table/ bench combination for more than 2000 people. University Hospital This enterprise is a very important contribution for Health Science Education. As well as in the best Schools of Medicine in American Universities, the UAI University Hospital emphasizes intellectual achievement and compassion in our three missions of patient care, education, and research, allowing students to be in touch with patients from the very beginning, sharing prevention activities, recovery and rehabilitation of patients, in our conveniently located First Aids Center. Our Hospital is a four-story building, with a total surface of 3,000 m2, with state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment , it can accommodate 105 inpatients, it has 3 high complexity surgery rooms, outpatient medical offices, Diagnostic Imaging Center, Hemodynamic and Computed Tomography Rooms, with cutting edge technology at your service. High-Performance Sports Research Laboratory This Lab is fully equipped and counts with high technology facilities. It used for research and tests involving physical conditioning and high-performance sports. Among its main equipment we can name: CPX Express, ergonometric bicycles, cycloergometers, lactic acid analyzer and skinfold fat caliper, used to examine the intake of oxygen, lactate test, heart rate measures during rest and effort periods, blood pressure measurements during effort, anthropometric tests, anabolic measurements- metabolic equivalents (METS) and lactic potential tests (WINGATE). We offer state –of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques at our student’s service. Radio, TV, Edition, Video and Photography studios. Our radio studio counts with audio equipment, minidisk, PA system, CD players, double deck players, 2 directional microphones, 8 track mixing console, classroom-studio with visual connection to the TV studio, digital technology equipment, hi-tech professional cameras, analogical and digital editing isles, Master Control Room with visual mixer, sound mixer and special effects, make-up and changing rooms, sound and video libraries, sound and photography labs. Our studios are one of the best in Latin America, and can only compared to the equipment in some European Universities. Research Units and Centers Our Research Unit is a building that houses a multidisciplinary variety of Centers, to promote scientific research, with modern facilities and a strong educational commitment. Our Research Unit is divided into the following areas: Health Science (CAESIS), Education (CAEE), Information Technology (CAETI) and; International and Global Studies (CAEGI). Our main goal is to research, produce and transfer knowledge, but we also have the mission to generate, motivate and support teachers who are interested in the Researcher’s career, and performing annual seminars where research results are share. Our University keeps alive the ideal of generating scientific advance through knowledge transfer, as represented in the different career plans and syllabuses chosen by more than 20,000 students. This offers a plus, added to the education of creative and competitive professionals, with principles and values, and with moral responsibility and ethical perception. Electromagnetism, telecommunications, computing labs Our labs are fully equipped with innovative technology, and more than 2,500 PCs, with connection to Intranet and Internet. “Technology at our student’s service”. Online Library Our online library combines all the services of a traditional library with the new information technologies. The collections of UAI Libraries offer a wide range of printed, audiovisual and electronic material covering the spectrum of all our graduate and postgraduate careers. It also offers home loans, free Internet access, individual and group study spaces, users` training and orientation program in the use of the different sources of information available, interlibrary loans and document access service. Educational software and self-study material Our University complements traditional sceneries and gives time flexibility through Telematics and Information Technology tools. We provide students with self-study material, multimedia and electronic tutorial sessions which are used in classrooms as didactic resources in order to facilitate the teaching-learning process. UAI online UAI online, created by our School of Information Technology, is a technological platform prepared for the development of Internet Distance Education Programs, Careers, Courses, Seminars and other Academic Activities. Our proposal is build based on the design of strategies that promote students autonomy and engagement in their own learning process, through academic research, cases of study, self-tests, etc. Knowing that technology cannot replace students contact in “a real campus", this online platform generates many different tools that allow students to be in touch with each other and their tutors. It also enhances the use of educational resources alumni improving communication, and offering a constantly updated service of online tutorial sessions. “Creciendo un proyecto de vida” Program The aim of this program is to give answers to the generalized social crisis. Children, adolescents and young adults cannot frequently find the necessary guiding models to help those taking responsible and committed decisions for a better quality of life. Vanguardia Educativa Foundation, along with UAI University and members from the University of Stanford, Palo Alto, California, USA, created this innovative program that gives an answer to these needs, promoting the internalization of values in childhood and adolescence, and developing the basic skills of positive self-esteem, personal health care and social relationships. This program has been recognize by UNESCO and Argentinean National Congress, as well as by the Drugs Prevention Office of the Province of Buenos Aires and by the National Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight Against Narcotrafficking Office. The program has been also recognize as a school prevention program by the major international organizations, such as The US Department of States, The Interamerican Development Bank abd Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). International University network In order to enhance our Online Education Service, our university is part of the World Alliance of Global Colleges and Universities, which goal is to promote the concept of High quality Distance Education, with international credentials, at affordable prices. Radio shows Conexión Abierta (Open Connection) is a Radio organized and run by the School of Communications. This radio broadcasts online students produced shows. Our new radio studios allow students to perform professional practices with cutting edge and high-tech facilities. Publications (supplements- magazines- - bulletins- Journals) Our supplement, with a monthly circulation of 275,000 copies, is available with La Razón Newspaper. We also have monthly supplements in La Unión de Lomas de Zamora Newspaper and El diario de Morón Newspaper. You can find interviews, news about domestic and international affairs, along with information on courses, seminars, and other university activities. Our University Informative Bulletin was create with the aim of improving the communication in the University, offering students and teachers important academic and administrative information. In our six-monthly magazine, Conexión Abierta (Open Connection) you can find news and interviews written by Teachers and Graduated Students, along with information about our University Community , such as news about research and production, extension activities and scientific reports. We also have a Scientific Journal, issued every semester, oriented to improve the academic interchange through the creation of critical-reflection spaces in the following areas: International relationships, Political Science, Political Philosophy and Political Psychology. Club Deportivo UAI Urquiza In 2009, the Club was suffering a stifling situation: last in the standings and forgotten in the neighborhood: future prospects were not good. It was then that the unexpected happened: approved by members' assembly merged with the UAI Sports Club to form the UAI Urquiza Sports Club and from that moment began the great recovery of the club of Villa Lynch. In addition to the institutional support, the UAI Sports Club added the following disciplines: Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Futsal, Artistic Gymnastics, Volleyball and Handball. This fusion was the starting point of a project that has already been two years of success, and that its foundation stone has based on the concept of "educated sportsman". Through agreements with the UAI, all federated athletes of the club have the possibility to study in this High House of Studies, or any other that the athletes wish. The purpose is to give them the opportunity to train their mind for personal and professional development when their sports career ends. Today it has more than 600 athletes federated. ARGENTINEAN FOOTBAL & CULTURAL EXPERIENCE The Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) and the Club Deportivo UAI Urquiza have created a program that combines soccer training, language classes (English or Spanish), academic training and cultural activities in the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires and the surrounding area. This Program aims at: - Developing technical football skills and preparation for matches through daily and intense training sessions; - Acquiring knowledge of languages through intensive exposure to a second language by living in a community that speaks it regularly, to learn it more quickly and thus achieve bilingualism; - Acquiring international experience that will allow them to be more competitive in the labor market; - Obtaining educational credits that will allow them to complete the syllabus of your University of origin. Through the selection of an average of between 30 and 50 students from Institutions Partners. They will come to the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, to carry out the program, which pursues, among other things: • The coherence or correlation of the syllabus and systems of accreditation of subjects, modules and other related aspects; • The possibilities and compatibilities for the exchange of students within specific plans or careers; • Consolidate and develop the positive and favorable linkages resulting from medium- and long-term plans; • Cooperation in the diverse experiences of those who hold academic management positions for exchanging knowledge that lead to strengthening the governing bodies for the benefit of all institutions; • Expected to make them known in the region and to optimize the existing links, to link them with other similar institutions, and to generate a dynamic of exchange and increasing collaboration; • Collaterally, there will be a dissemination of the educational quality of Argentina, its culture and its conditions as a country and society; • Formulate specific telematic networks tending to the development of projects of mutual benefit; The program includes: transfer from the airport to the lodging place; Lunch from Monday to Friday; Welcome lunch; accommodation; Internal transportation for local activities; 4 guided tours; Closing dinner with certificate from the Universidad Abierta Interamericana and the Club UAI Urquiza; Transfer from the lodging place to the airport; Assistance and health insurance. Those selected will have soccer training of 3 hours a day at the facilities of Club UAI Urquiza. On the other hand, they will study the Language Program (English, for Spanish speakers, and Spanish, for those who do not have it as a native or from the native country). In addition, they will attend the Academic Program, whereby students will attend academic classes in the morning from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Classes are face-to-face and interactive, with the main objective of allowing participants to take the courses that best fit their interests and needs, as well as being able to standardize them once they have been taken and approved. For an enriching experience, the afore – mentioned Programs (Football, Language and Academic) are not enough, which is why we added the Cultural Program that will allow attendees to participate in full day excursions in the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Where they will visit iconic places like The Colon Theater; Malba Theater; depending on availability, but also to other sectors of popular Argentine culture such as an excursion to the Museum and Stadium of Boca Juniors; River Plate, among other important clubs of the first division, where young people will know the rich history of the best clubs in our country.
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All the information that you can find about our current proyects; news; etc., that is carrying out that are relevant to UNAI is on cahpter: ¨Please provide a brief description of your academic structure¨ and on our News Web Site: https://noticias.uai.edu.ar/