26 March 2019

UNAI START: South-South Cooperation and the UN Development System

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is pleased to invite you to the panel discussion entitled The United Nations at 75: South-South Cooperation and the UN Development System, to take place on Thursday, 25 April 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at United Nations Headquarters. This event is organized in collaboration with the International Studies Association (ISA), as part of UNAI’s Skills and Technology Achieving Rapid Transformation (START) series.

This discussion will focus on the role of the Global South in UN development and UN reform, revolving around three sets of questions:

i. Under which conditions do countries from the Global South become more engaged in the UNDS in terms of funding and political ownership as well as in the exchange of skills and technology ? How can they make a difference in implementing the UNDS reforms?

ii. What role does SSC play at the UN, how has this role changed over time? What is the relation of UN-SSC to traditional, multilateral UN development cooperation and the UNDS and how could this relation develop in the future?

iii. How can lessons from SSC be adapted to the way the UNDS engages in development, and what are the advantages and challenges and potential trade-offs in this endeavor?

The discussion is expected to generate helpful and stimulating ideas for strengthening multilateralism in difficult times and open up new horizons for further studies. The results of the panel will be made available to the larger scholarly and policy communities, and contribute to strengthening academic research on the UN.

Register to attend the event HERE.