Guidelines on the Use of the United Nations Academic Impact/ASPIRE Member Logo

Please download the UNAI logo here.

These guidelines govern the use of the member logo by member institutions and partners in the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)/ASPIRE programme.

A “member institution” is a degree-granting institution of higher education which has applied for and received United Nations Academic Impact membership. “Partners” are organizations recognized by UNAI that support the work of United Nations Academic Impact through promotions and co-sponsored events, research projects and publications with UNAI.

Please note that the United Nations official emblem itself does not feature in the UNAI/ASPIRE member logo and may not be used in any form or fashion. The United Nations reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of a breach of the present guidelines.

1. Use of the United Nations Academic Impact/ASPIRE Member Logo

UNAI grants member institutions and partners a limited right to use the respective member logo, the English version of which is displayed below. The member logo is available in the six official United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and is available for download on the UNAI website at academicimpact.un.org.

UNAI/ASPIRE members are requested to display their UNAI/ASPIRE affiliation prominently through the use of the UNAI/ASPIRE member logo, especially in conjunction with activities undertaken in support of the UNAI principles. The member logo should not be used for commercial or fund-raising purposes.

2. Display of the UNAI/ASPIRE Member Logo

When UNAI/ASPIRE member institutions and partners display the member logo, they are required to adhere to the following technical guidelines regarding the reproduction and display of the member logo.

  • Reproduction of the member logo.  The member logo must be treated as a unique element and resized proportionally. The member logo may never be reproduced by hand, nor should its wording be replaced in another typeface. The letters appearing in the member logo should not be altered or redrawn in any way, nor should the elements be re-spaced.
  • Accompanying language. When the member logo is used it should be accompanied by the phrase “Member of United Nations Academic Impact” if the organization is a member or “Partner of United Nations Academic Impact” if the organization has been granted recognized status as a UNAI partner. Press releases should include the language:

The United Nations Academic Impact (academicimpact.un.org) aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in furthering the realization of the purposes and mandate of the organization through activities and research in a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility.

  • Appearance of the member logo.  The member logo must appear vertically and must not be used as part of a sentence or word phrase or associated with any non-related symbols or graphical elements. In partnerships involving multiple partners, the UNAI/ASPIRE member logo must receive equal emphasis.
  • Colour of the member logo. The member logo may be reproduced in colour or in black and white. When a colour version of the member logo will be used, the original colours of the member logo as provided on the UNAI website should not be modified.

The colour specifications are as follows:



C 10

M 45

Y 100

K 0


R 227

G 151

B 37




C 100

M 80

Y 100

K 0


R 18

G 74

B 135


  • Member logo sizing.  The minimum width for the member logo is as follows:
    • print: 2.5 cm wide
    • web: 100 pixels wide

3.  Use of the United Nations Name and Official Emblem

The use of the United Nations name, including any abbreviation thereof, and emblem is reserved for the official purposes of the Organization in accordance with General Assembly resolution 92(I) of 7 December 1946. Pursuant to that, the long-standing policy of the United Nations is not to authorize the use of the United Nations official emblem by outside entities.