25 February 2020

UN75: How to Join the World's Largest Conversation

#UN75 is a time to make your voice heard and help shape the future we want! This generation of youth is the largest the planet has ever seen, nearly 2 billion people aged 10-24, that represents a quarter of the world’s population. As part of the 75th anniversary commemoration the UN is holding a worldwide dialogue in as many communities and countries as possible, across borders, sectors and generations, to assess current and future risks and opportunities, and source solutions for global cooperation. The views and ideas that are generated on your campuses and in your classrooms will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials on 21 September 2020 at the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly.


1. Organize a UN75 dialogue

These dialogues can take place anywhere – in person or online!  You can hold the conversation in an existing class or tie it to an upcoming conference or workshop.  You could also organize something more social on campus through extracurricular clubs, teams or student groups.  Consider using live-streams for an easy way for participants in different locations to participate in real-time. More information on how to convene a dialogue can be found in our toolkit.

2. Take and share the UN75 1-minute survey: www.un75.online

3. Hold a social media discussion

Start a simple Q&A using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Slido, etc. These are easily discoverable by a vast audience and can encourage them to contribute to the consultation.

Chats and Q&As are also useful at live events.


1. Ensure you complete the UN75 feedback form available at https://www.research.net/r/L855JXY. This is essential for the results of your dialogue to be included in the UN75 evaluation.

2. Help us track your dialogue on social media

Make sure to follow us on social media   @JoinUN75  @JoinUN75  @Join_UN75    Join UN75 and use #UN75 and tag @JoinUN75 in your UN75 related communications so that we can share. Please also use our UN75 branding materials and social media assets.

3. Provide us with the following to ensure we can publicize your dialogue events:

  • A short article (around 300 – 500 words) on your event
  • Video and audio recordings with testimonials from people who have participated
  • Photos and/or stories generated from the consultation

Please email any or all of the above to academicimpact@un.org.