3 July 2018

Student initiative changes one life at a time

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) acknowledges the meaningful impact on sustainable development of the student-driven initiatives around the world. This article highlights the work done by the organization Prosthetics for Change.

03 July 2018 - The Sustainable Development Goals have a core social dimension that includes a number of concrete references to persons with disabilities, in particular in Goal 4 on inclusive and equitable quality education, Goal 8 to promote inclusive economic growth and decent work for all, Goal 10 to reduce inequality, and Goal 11 to make cities inclusive.

Within this framework, the involvement of students to find practical solutions for an inclusive world for persons with disabilities is crucial. Prosthetics for Change, a student-run nonprofit organization with chapters in high schools across the United States and India, provides one example of a successful solution implemented by young people. Its parent group is Jaipur Foot.

The organization sponsors high-quality, eco-friendly and affordable prosthetics, as well as matching physical, economic, and social rehabilitation programmes. It works to increase youth involvement in humanitarian work and to create awareness among students. Ashita Dhadda, Executive Director, founded the organization inspired by a personal story.

Her cousin was born with spinal muscle atrophy that left him unable to walk and made him face multiple surgeries which nonetheless, did not improve his situation. The compassion shown by Ashita's family towards her cousin made her believe that any person in need should be treated the same way we would treat a family member.

She noted though, that most people with similar disabilities do not have sufficient resources and access to medical treatments. Knowing that especially young people often feel powerless and unable to contribute to society due to their young age, she founded Prosthetics for Change with the main idea to empower younger generations to change one life at a time.  

Their action can help other people, just like her cousin, and create meaningful change in the world. One individual at a time, one artificial limb at a time. 

So far, Prosthetics for Change has sponsored 144 prosthetics, providing life-changing support and rehabilitation for disabled people across 29 countries. It has established six chapters in the United States and three in India, which organize fundraising ventures, community outreach projects, and recruitment efforts to create an opportunity for youth to volunteer and become involved.

You can join by visiting their website www.prostheticsforchange.org and writing a message conveying your interest in volunteering, fundraising, or starting a chapter at your institution. 


Pathway to Transforming Lives

Pathway to Transforming Lives
Ashita Dhadda, Founder and Executive Director of Prosthetics for Change, developed a film to inspire the youth to involve and connect themselves in a social cause.