21 August 2017

Strengthening the UN’s Research Uptake

The United Nations system faces a constant demand for evidence-based research which can be met by researchers in the academic and think tank community. Nevertheless, the implementation of this cooperation often faces considerable obstacles.

Bridging this research-policy gap and promoting ways to enhance the cooperation between the UN and the academic community was at the center of a two-day roundtable event hosted by the UN University and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Titled ‘Strengthening the UN’s Research Uptake’, the event assembled senior representatives from UN research and policy units and more than 50 leading research organizations in the Palais des Nations in Geneva in April 2016.

Participants worked on identifying fields in need of research within the UN, assessing barriers to research uptake and pointed out major knowledge gaps in the system. Attendants also highlighted good practices and shared recommendations for ways to overcomeexisting barriers.

To read more about the event and learn about its outcomes, read the full conference report.