18 June 2014

Sorbonne University introduces new bonus system to promote UN principles

  Sorbonne University, the UNAI global hub on human rights, has initiated an innovative incentive to encourage the level of commitment by students to their respective unions within the University. A bonus mark of up to 0.5 points (out of 20) can potentially be added on a student’s average mark if he or she is involved in a student union activity that embodies cultural, sportive, artistic or societal well-being perspectives. These activities also include supporting United Nations and its principles. As many as 105 young people submitted applications in December 2013 each of which which included a project plan and activity reports. Following an oral examination, the jury, composed of professors and university administrators, selected 25 students according to the citizenship and minority integration requirements of the project. The level of responsibility and the amount of time spent to make the initiative succeed was also taken into account in evaluating applications. For its first session, which ended in June 2014, the University honoured a total of 25 students with bonus mark of 0.3 to 0.45 points, which will be directly added to their grades.