18 September 2019

Online debate: Is disaster-related research and practice in the Global South unfavourably guided by Northern ideas?

Many experts believe that research and policy in disaster reduction and response are dominated by ideas developed in the North. For them, disaster studies and policy reproduce power relationships between the North and South, the West and the Rest. Not all experts agree, though. Some find that focusing on researchers’ birthplace, nationality, or long-term proximity to the problem is wrong. The value of ideas depends on the rigour of research methods and the effective understanding of the context.

What do you think?

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JC Gaillard and Carmen Mendoza Arroy, two internationally recognized experts in disaster risk reduction and post-disaster reconstruction, will defend each viewpoint over ten days.

Opening remarks – 23 September 2019
Rebuttal remarks – 27 September 2019
Closing remarks – 2 October 2019
Announcement of winners – 4 October 2019

Voting ends on 2 October.