8 February 2018

New York University Shanghai hosts Model United Nations Conference

While the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is not involved as such in Model United Nations simulations, numerous UNAI member institutions conduct or host such activities. Among these are New York University Shanghai, which recently hosted its inaugural Model United Nations Conference. For more information on UN4MUN and Model United Nations, please visit the dedicated website of the United Nations Department of Public Information. The report below was prepared by New York University Shanghai student Isabel Adler.

8 February 2018 – New York University Shanghai hosted its inaugural Model United Nations Conference in November 2017 as the first such event organized in China by a United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) member institution.

Following a year of planning, a group of sophomore students, led by Secretary-General Owen Zhang and Chief of Staff Isabel Adler, conducted the successful first conference, which attracted over sixty students from ten different high schools in China and beyond. The theme of the Conference: “China’s Global Emergence,” was the subject of three committees. The Secretariat wished to give delegates a chance to debate relevant issues that might continue to occupy even after the meeting. The United Nations Environmental Assembly Committee discussed climate change and carbon emissions; the FinTech Committee addressed blockchain and cryptocurrency; and the Nuclear Crisis Committee took up the situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Because the New York University Shanghai Model United Nations Conference was an independent student-led event, the organizers had to look outside of the school to raise funds for the event. Sponsors HuaXia Finance, V Credit and UCB provided funding as well as time and support to the Conference, including sharing expertise with delegates in some of the relevant committee topics throughout the weekend.

New York University Shanghai Associate Vice Chancellor Hongxia Liu was among those who addressed the delegates in the closing ceremonies. Overall, the first New York University Shanghai Model United Nations Conference was a great experience for delegates, staff and sponsors. The school is looking forward to hosting another meeting next year!