13 June 2017

New Edition of Basic Facts about the United Nations Available!

Published since 1947, Basic Facts about the United Nations serves as the definitive introduction to the UN and its family of related institutions and agencies. The volume represents an invaluable tool for diplomats, students, researchers and the general public. Popular with candidates preparing for the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) exam as well as UN tour guides wanting to bolster their repertoire of knowledge, the book gives a comprehensive overview of the UN and its activities. While the flagship reference publication Yearbook of the United Nations provides such information on an annual basis from an historical perspective, Basic Facts describes recent significant developments within the Organization and its funds, programmes and specialized agencies.

In the Foreword to the latest edition, Secretary-General António Guterres, who took office on 1 January 2017, remarks that as Basic Facts “provides a window” into the work of the Organization, he hopes “anyone interested in the United Nations will find it a useful resource, as well as a call to action as we strive to realize the objectives of the Organization’s founding Charter”

The 296-page forty-second edition comprises six chapters: UN charter, structure and system; international peace and security; economic and social development; human rights; humanitarian action; and international law. It also contains the updated UN system chart and appendices with the list of Member States, past and present peacekeeping operations, UN observances, UN information centres, selected UN websites, and territories that have achieved independence or self-determination or have become integrated or associated with independent states.

Released for the first time in colour—underscoring in particular the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs)—Basic Facts chronicles the launch of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which mark a new course for the Organization towards ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. The SDG icons appear in colour along with a description of the relevant goal. Coverage of SDG 4, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong opportunities for all, contains statistics and trends on education, describes the global Education 2030 agenda, and highlights UN initiatives to promote education, such as the United Nations Academic Initiative. This latest volume of Basic Facts also features an increased number of website links to access current information, including Twitter and Facebook locators for most UN entities, and the Foreword by new Secretary-General António Guterres who took office on 1 January 2017.

For free access to the forty-second edition of Basic Facts about the United Nations or to purchase a copy click here. Basic Facts about the United Nations, 42nd edition, (xvi + 280 pp., Sales No. E.17.I.2, ISBN: 978-92-1-101350-4, eISBN: 978-92-1-058490-6), can also be ordered from United Nations Publications, PO Box 960, Herndon, Virginia 20172, United States of America, or by e-mail: order@un.org, or website: shop.un.org.

UNAI member institutions may wish to note that translation of this latest edition of Basic Facts into Chinese has already begun with the voluntary assistance of UNAI member, Shanghai International Studies University. While arrangements are already underway to translate the publication into the other four official languages (Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish), we invite UNAI member institutions interested in providing translation in additional languages or with any other questions or comments to contact Senior Editor Lawri Moore: moore1@un.org or tel. +1-212-963-3854.