3 August 2018

Musashino University announces activities to address the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

03 August 2018 - Mushasino University (Japan) announced two upcoming activities directly related to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On August 8, the institution will launch the Musashino SDGs Award aimed to encourage all individuals on campus, not only students but also faculty, to participate in the actual implementation of the SDGs with their own ideas such as making donation for poverty alleviation, clean-up activities near campus and volunteer service to assist areas impacted by natural disasters, among others. The overall purpose is to encourage personal actions to foster the SDGs. The winners to be selected by a special committee created for that purpose, will be announced in spring.

This institution and in particular its Faculty of Global Studies has also developed a curriculum to cover the SDGs with around 250 students from Japan and other parts of the world, planned to be expanded to other departments. In that line, on September 19 the university will host the 3rd International Symposium under the theme of "Sustainable tourism generating happiness - SDGs Perspectives" with the participation of distinguished panelists such as Professor Kumi Kato (Wakayama University), Professor Graham Miller (Wakayama University / University of Surrey), Paras Loomba (Global Himalayan Expedition) and Minako Okada (Wakayama University). Aside from the formal presentations on different cross-cutting topics there will be an open floor discussion. You can find more information about the event here