13 February 2020

Mission 1.5 Climate Engagement Campaign

People around the world – especially young people – are calling for action on climate change, but they don’t often have an easy way to get their messages across to government leaders. 

At the same time, many governments are faced with the challenge of making urgent climate policy decisions that will make or break the ability to keep global temperature rise under a safe 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

UNDP, together with its partners, launched a new global climate engagement campaign called Mission 1.5 on 13 February 2020, to bridge the gap between people calling for urgent action and governments needing to make major climate decisions. 

The campaign is built around a mobile game that educates people about climate policy and provides a platform for them to vote on the solutions they want to see happen. 

The votes will then be compiled and delivered to government leaders. The information could help governments gain confidence to take the bold action necessary to tackle the climate crisis. 

The Mission 1.5 game is delivered as playable ads in some of the most popular mobile games in the world. The goal is to meet people where they are already. This not only helps more people to understand the climate crisis, but also enables a randomized sample for generating accurate survey data. The game is available online for all and can be accessed through this link.