24 October 2017

A meaningful and purposeful gift to humanity

A message submitted by United Nations Academic Impact member Amity University on the occasion of United Nations Day, 2017

24 October 2017  — After the cessation of the disastrous Second World War in 1945, the people of this Earth were blessed with the coming into existence of the United Nations. The birth of the United Nations heralded an era of peace and safety for many nations that were threatened by powerful and expansionist neighbours.

The loss of innocent civilian lives in many countries torn by internal strife, sectarian wars, territorial aggression and other illegal assaults would surely have been much greater if not for timely intervention by the United Nations and its peacekeeping missions made of up soldiers, police and civilians contributed by many counties supporting United Nations operations. In the face of evil, the United Nations has established itself as a bulwark of peace.

On this United Nations Day, as each year, I salute this mighty organization in profound admiration of and deep appreciation for its monumental services to our common humanity.

For my part, I pledge to motivate, encourage, inspire and transform the 150,000-large student community studying in Amity educational institutions in various cities in India and abroad to support the noble services and laudable programmes of the United Nations.

The author: Prof. S. Sitaraman, is Senior Vice President at Amity University in India.