Liepājas Universitāte

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Liepaja University
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(+371) 634 23568
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Dace Markus
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Nora Ferebēfa
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Project manager
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Lilita Ābele
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Inga Vasermane
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Project Manager, Lecturer
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Liepaja University is a regional university with its future vision to be the centre of higher education, science and culture of Kurzeme region, which contributes to the development of the region both in Latvian and international contexts. LiepU develops innovative research, ensures sustainability of society development, economic knowledge development in Latvia. There are over 1 400 students in LiepU and more than 20 thousand graduates. The academic staff of LiepU constitutes more than 200 persons, 68 per cent of them hold a doctoral degree. The university is divided into four faculties: 1) Science and Engineering, 2) Management and Social Sciences, 3) Humanitarian sciences and Arts, and 4) Pedagogy and Social work. LiepU implements 37 different study programs, including 4 doctoral programmes, 11 master programmes and 22 bachelor’s programmes.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
Liepaja University holds the Eco-Schools Green Flag which is an internationally recognised award for excellence in environmental action and learning. Liepaja University has two study programmes in the field of environment: Bachelor’s study programme “Nature and renewable energy resources management and engineering “.and Master’s study programme “Ecotechnologies”. In 2012,the university founded Circular Economic Center which aims at conducting research in the areas of sustainability, circular economy, innovation and education field as well as offering LiepU students the possibility of practical learning the recycling processes of paper and other materials relevant to the circular economy. It organises workshops and seminars to introduce and educate society about recycling processes of different materials. Centre cooperates with local and international universities, educational institutions and other organisations who are implementing the circular economy by improving the teaching methodology of circular economy. For the second year, the university organises International Student Scientific Practical Conference "Welfare Society: Experiences and Perspectives" in co-operation with Klaipeda University and Universidad de Cadiz.
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