8 May 2019


The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) organized a conference on START (“Skills and Technology Achieving Rapid Transformation”), with the TKM College of Engineering Kollam and the Government of Kerala. It focused on how community empowerment can help achieve sustainable development.

From this trail of thought was born project “EDAM”, an initiative of the Government of Kerala, in partnership with UNAI and ASPIRE TKM college of Engineering which aims, among other things,to construct sustainable and affordable housing units. This project, largely stuedent-led, is showing great promise as the first low-cost housing unit was finished within 35 days, its technology passing it’s first test with flying colors, resisting the recent heavy rainfall. 

The TKM College of Engineering and the government of Kerala, took part in the United Nations Conference on April 10th 2018 in the UN Headquarters in New York, to showcase the low cost housing units of project EDAM, designed for the under-privileged sections of the Kundara constituency, as per directions from Smt. Mercy Kutty Amma, The Hon’ble Minister for Fisheries, Harbour Engineering and Cashew Industry of Kerala State. This initiative, in addition to directly aiding the community, also inspired students to come up with other sustainable development projects. Indeed, the vital role played by the Civil Engineering Dept of TKM in the “EDAM” project by providing Technical Assistance for a Low-Cost Mass House Construction (LCMHC) in the Kundara Constituency, showed the impact students and youth can have on development. 

The Kundara Constituency of Kerala is now widely regarded as a success story, a model in implementing the SDGs at a local level. The panel discussion as part of the UN Conference was chaired by experts from various prestigious universities across the globe.