6 October 2020

Join #PledgetoPause to Combat COVID-19 Misinformation Online

Misinformation is damaging our world. It hijacks our emotions, taps into our weaknesses, and tricks us into contributing to a chain of events that can harm us all. It is having an effect on our efforts across issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate action and racial justice.

Underpinned by two research concepts, interrupting the emotion rush and triggering critical thinking, the concept of ‘pausing’ is backed by scientific research as a way to break the thought process which takes place in us all when we see information online.

As part of the United Nations Secretary General’s global push to stop the spread of COVID-19 misinformation online, we are asking supporters and the global population to join our movement on 21 October 2020.

From thought leaders, businesses and policy makers, to activists, celebrities and influential voices across a range of sectors, we will act together, making a #PledgetoPause and inviting our audiences and networks to do the same.

How to Get Involved

Priority Ask: ‘Moving Selfie’ - for your social media platforms. Capture a short moving selfie video to demonstrate a ‘pause’.

  • Open by looking into the camera, pause quietly for approximately 5-10 seconds - you do not have to be frozen but represent the ‘pause’ by sitting fairly still but blinking etc
  • Break the pause and then make your #PledgetoPause to camera by reading or adapting a script such as: I’m taking the Pledge to Pause before I share information online. Because during the Covid-19 pandemic, the wrong information can be deadly. Please join me and stop the spread of misinformation online.”

We want to champion your authentic voice, so please feel free to add your own creative flair, personal experiences and thoughts into the video after your 5-10 second pause. The video can be shot anywhere, we just request you include your own face, the pause and the pledge.

You can post your film on 21st October 2020 using the hashtag #PledgetoPause and by tagging the United Nations 

All assets, including videos, graphics, stickers, GIFs, and examples for creating your own posts will be available for quick and easy download starting 12 October at: www.takecarebeforeyoushare.org.

We hope you will join the global movement on 21 October and make a #PledgetoPause before you share information online.