27 September 2018

International Winter Course ‘Human Rights and Asia’ 2019 organized by Seoul National University Human Rights Center

27 September 2018 - Seoul National University (Republic of Korea), a member institution of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), will host the International Winter Course ‘Human Rights and Asia’ from 7 - 18 January 2019. This specialized training intends to allow participants to think about the universality of human rights in particular contexts of Asia and to gain a deepened understanding of human rights issues in this region. This two-week intensive course was launched in 2014 and is now awaiting participants for its 6th year. A special lecture on the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Asia' will mark the 70th anniversary of the UDHR. 

A cross-cutting theme of this upcoming course is economic and social rights. Participants will examine economic and social rights in relation to gender, refugees, and in the context of corporate responsibility. Participants will also discuss the theory and practice of social and economic rights in the context of Asia and they will be involved in a multidimensional learning that includes not only lectures, but also presentations, discussions, and visiting the field of human rights advocacy in the Republic of Korea. The course ultimately aims at fostering an inter-disciplinary study and multidimensional advocacy activities on human rights in the Asian continent.

The course is designed for postgraduate students, junior researchers, activists, lawyers and national and international civil servants from all countries around the world who demonstrate a high level of interest in human rights and Asia, and this year’s special theme, economic and social rights. The entire course is taught in English. Fluency in oral and written English is therefore required. The number of participants is limited to 20 and participants will be selected in a way to ensure the diversity within participants in terms of professional and academic background, region and field of interests. Scholarsips are available for all selected participants.

Application deadline is 12 October 2018. For more information visit this website.