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Inter-cultural Dialogue


Dialogue among civilizations is part of the fundamental structure of the United Nations, as underlined by former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan: “The United Nations itself was created in the belief that dialogue can triumph over discord, that diversity is a universal virtue, and that the peoples of the world are far more united by their common fate than they are divided by their separate identities.”

You can read more about the United Nations and dialogue among civilizations from the UN Chronicle publication here.

About the Hub

This page is intended to collect materials for the “Intercultural Dialogue and Understanding and the Unlearning of Intolerance” hub. This hub currently does not have a university as its representative.  If your school would like to be the hub for Intercultural Dialogue, please contact  This site will include an introduction, news and multimedia materials about the activities in which the hub participates. Read the latest publications and information on events from the soon to be named hub when they are available here.