11 August 2014

Handong Global University invites UNAI members to join UNESCO UNITWIN initiative

Handong Global University, UNAI’s global hub on capacity-building in higher education systems, is inviting scholars from UNAI member institutions to join its UNESCO UNITWIN initiative.

UNITWIN, which is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Programme,  is a grant programme led by Handong Global University, Republic of Korea, and sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.  The purpose of the initiative is to make individual scholar's lecture material, whether in a form of text, audio, or video, open to the public in order to increase access to quality educational material for everyone including those who do not enjoy the privilege of formal education.

The initiative has three goals:   

  1. Capacity building: Participating faculty will have a better understanding of digital media and teaching, leading to enhancement in teaching.
  2. Global benefits: Open contents created through the initiative will benefit not only the students at participating institutions but also other teachers, students and self-learners from all over the world.
  3. Networking and collaboration: Participating faculty’s involvement with the OER (Online Educational Resources) community will enable them to access and exchange ideas with colleagues from universities around the world.

HGU has established an online platform for these lecture materials to be uploaded.  It also provides a limited amount of grants to participating lecturers.  An application review committee determines the eligibility for grants. Irrespective of eligibility for grants, UNAI scholars are encouraged to upload their lecture materials on the programme platform at http://www.uuooi.org/english/portal.php