27 February 2014

Handong Global University holds 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Training in Wench, Ghana

Handong Global University, Republic of Korea, held its 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Training (GET) session in Wench, Ghana from 16 – 22 February. A collaboration between two UNAI members, HGU and Methodist University College, Ghana (MUCG), the session brought together 125 trainees from 7 West African countries. In addition to students, it included professors, organizational heads, business and NGO partners and 45 Ghanaian National Service personnel led by the director of the program of the Government of Ghana.

HGU, which serves as the UNAI hub for capacity building in higher education system, set up GET in 2007 in support of the Millennium Development Goals. In 2011, when HGU joined UNAI, the training programme became a centrepiece of its work as the UNAI hub on capacity building.
The GET initiative is driven by the realization that the traditional model for assisting developing countries, mainly based on cash grant, often with rigid specificity, has not always produced the desired results. A more effective way to help developing countries would be equipping them with education and practical skills for global development and entrepreneurship.
The program offers a wide range of courses including entrepreneurial mindset, role of entrepreneurship on national economy, financial preparation, legal aspects and more. The programme is designed to empower the participants to become entrepreneurs who can lead economic development in their respective countries. It also provides avenue for networking and sharing with other entrepreneurs.

This year’s training was the 12th Global Entrepreneurship Training session organized by HGU, and the second one to be held in West Africa in collaboration with MUCG. Last year’s session was also at the Wench Campus of MUCG.

Dr. George Kim, who led the training session, described the initiative as an attempt to aid developing countries to achieve sustainable development by planting entrepreneurship mindset and equipping future leaders of the countries with skills to create opportunities for themselves.