4 May 2015

Global Interactions and Millennium Milestone Maker award

Global Interactions has announced the recipients of its Millennium Milestone Maker award. The Millennium Milestone Maker Awards will be presented to MMM winners on May 16 -17 at the 9th Annual Women’s Symposium, taking place on the SIAS International University campus, Henan Province, People’s Republic of China.  

The winners announced by Global Interactions are Denise Love, Rose Mapenda, Michael Murtaugh, and Padmini Murthy. 

Denise Love is being honoured for her work promoting the health of mothers and children in Cambodia. Global Interactions CEO, Jerrie Ueberle, praised Ms. Love in saying that “everything you do and have done not only has brought huge dividends to Cambodia but quite literally has saved the lives of many mothers and children.”

Rose Mapenda has worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Ms. Ueberle commended Ms. Mapenda, writing in a letter to her: “Your multi-focused advocacy is empowering women to move from conditions of despair in war-torn countries to environments where they can learn, develop, achieve and thrive.  Your vision and your action approach the problems from all angles encourages women to  recognize their capacity to change their lives and create a new future for themselves and their families.”   

Michael Murtaugh has spent eight years raising money to support art classes for the children at the Phuket School for Autistic Children in Thailand. Ms. Ueberle noted that Mr. Murtaught’s efforts to establish “partnerships between a small village school and institutions such as the Phuket Aquarium, high-end hotels and other businesses has enriched not only Ban Laem Sai Primary School but those who are now their partners.”

Padmini Murthy is being recognized for multiple contributions, including her service to the United Nations Medical Women’s International Association and the Committee on the Status of Women, and her work for the Council on Women’s Right of the American Public Health Association. In addition Ms. Murthy  has spearheaded “Safe Motherhood campaigns and [co-published] Women’s Global Health and Human Rights, a publication to improve the lives of  girl children around the world.” 

By Martin Schoenhals