22 December 2015

Global Education Motivators initiate funding drive to help victims of Chennai flooding

On December 2, 2015, torrential rains in Chennai, India triggered the region's worst flood in over 100 years, killing 300 and leaving the city of 4.8 million people underwater. 

"The Chennai disaster is being called a 'perfect storm,' a shining example of what can happen when climate change meets poor urban planning," wrote Sreedhar Potarazu, founder of a software company focused on providing data science applications to assess health care delivery, in an op-ed on CNN.com. 

As the city of Chennai begins the process of drying out and cleaning up, students and teachers at the Omega School have been doing the same. 

Their library that housed more than 10,000 books now has only 20. 

The Omega School was established for the purpose of teaching children not only what they need to succeed in the real world by way of practical skills, but also to teach them the values that they need to cherish and uphold all their lives.

Global Education Motivators (GEM) has worked closely with the Omega School for 8 years, first on the UN Student Conference on Human Rights and then moving toward year-long collaborations with the students and teachers. The staff of the Omega School is extremely dedicated to the education of their students, often staying late into the night to be connected for our international videoconference programs. 

GEM has set up a funding drive to raise funds to replace the library. If you would like to support this cause, it would be greatly appreciated by the students and faculty and you can do so here

Learn more about the flood recovery at Omega here.