Glasgow Caledonian University

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Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Rd, Glasgow G4 0BA
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Professor Pamela Gillies CBE
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Principal and Vice Chancellor
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Mark Anderson
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Director of Research and Innovation
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Professor Tahseen Jafry
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Director, Centre for Climate Justice
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Dr Alec Wersun
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Senior Lecturer, GCU PRME Lead
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GCU is committed to widening and deepening access to higher education for those from non-traditional backgrounds at home and overseas. Overseas we did this especially through our partnerships in Africa with Transnet and the African Leadership Centre. The University offers a wide range of support to those who declare a care-experienced background both before and during their University experience, which includes options for free 365-day accommodation and targeted travel and financial opportunities. In total, we graduated nearly 5,000 students globally, and 97% of our UK graduates were in employment or further study within six months. Also our students contribute to the SDGs through our many volunteering programmes including the Phelophepa Train for vision students to volunteer in South Africa, in our local community the Law Clinic supports people that need legal support and the Cyber Security Clinic provide free advice on how to protect against online security attacks. GCU has established a student centred travel advice programme that has increased the proportion of students walking and cycling to the University; in partnership with its caterers GCU introduced a charge on single-use food containers that has reduced the number of single-use disposable containers used in the University; reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 11%. GCU is implementing a Common Good Curriculum that ensures that our learners have a broad overview of global challenges that promotes active global citizenship. GCU’s efforts are bolstered by our active participation in the work of the UN PRME Champions Group, which has recently developed a blueprint for mainstreaming the SDGs in to the University curriculum, research and external engagement activities. GCU’s Common Good First is a digital exchange of grassroots solutions to pressing social problems in the UK and around the world. GCU’s Research Strategy employs the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for both discipline-led and inter-disciplinary research within and across all academic units. The knowledge produced and shared by GCU’s seven main research centres contribute to achievement of several SDGs as it shapes national and regional policies and practices. In 2018, GCU established a Global Challenges Research Unit that will aim to establish and mobilise partnerships for the Goals.