Federal University Dutse

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Office of the Vice Chancellor, Federal University Dutse Jigawa State
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Fatima Batul Mukhtar
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Professor/ Vice Chancellor
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Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed
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Chifu Ndikilar
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Abayomi Oloruntoba
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FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSE ACADEMIC STRUCTURE Federal University Dutse is a young University being established in March, 2011. The University currently has Five faculties and one college; namely faculties of Agriculture, Arts and Social Sciences, Basic Medical sciences, Management Sciences and Faculty of Sciences, a College of Medical and Health Sciences and Post graduate School. The University also has 4 Centres namely; centre for agriculture and rural extension services, centre for entrepreneurship development, centre for gender studies and centre for economic and social development and a division of general studies. The University runs undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various fields in the faculties listed and many research and development projects in our research centres. Federal University Dutse, maintain high academic standard with and steady growth with landmark achievements in the past seven (7) years. The University, adopt organizational structures and policies to meet contemporary challenges. Our teaching and learning methods adopts the most current systems used based on Students centered (SCL) and problem based (PBL) learning. To compliment these, the Universities is using blended learning and is currently developing its open distance learning (ODL) program to cater for distant learners in the future. The university also formulated a clear research policy, that gave strong support to research and postgraduate training which ensure that academic staff members are at all times at the cutting edge of their field. Research is always focused on problems and subjects relevant to national and regional goals and development. Excellent physical development policies ensured that this University has the most adequate infrastructure for both research and teaching compared to its peers. Our staff development policy ensures that only quality staff is employed through rigorous process, and promotions are done based on excellent performance and contribution to academic and research development.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
The Centre for Entrepreneurship development is in partnership with Jigawa State Marketers Association (JISMA) to contribute in the areas of capacity development and creating awareness to businesses owners on creating ideal business, marketing, new product/business development and so on CEED –YELF Project: This project is community based project that the University is carrying out through its Centre for Entrepreneurship to help local communities to develop their local agricultural products and process them locally to sell. It gives training on product development and marketing and provides funds and machinery for the product processing and help with marketing. This empowers the rural community especially women to be self reliant and financially able. Agricultural Extension and rural Development: An extension services is run by the Centre for Agric and Rural extension services to the local farmer in the community on issues relating to funding of farming, provision of expert advice on modern methods of farming, water conservation and dealing with pest and diseases of crops.