Faculdade Imperatriz (FACIMP | WYDEN)

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Imperatriz University (FACIMP | WYDEN)
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Avenue Prudente de Morais, s/n - Parque Sanharol, Imperatriz - MA, ZIP CODE 65900-000
+55 (99) 98137-0667
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Diego Leite da Cunha
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General Director
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Marcos Diego Pereira da Silva
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Dean Of Undergraduation Affairs
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José Geraldo Pimentel Neto
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Phd. Urban Develompment
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Ubiracy Ferreira Campos
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Master in Science
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For technical purposes, it is important to highlight the physical structure of Facimp Wyden, which has an 85,000 m² campus, consisting of buildings with 47 classrooms and 32 laboratories, bathrooms, a library with study rooms, soccer fields with official dimensions, a food court with two floors and parking for students, teachers and employees. The institution also has laboratories of Human and Animal Anatomy, multidisciplinary Cytology and Microscopy, Physics, Informatics, Chemistry, Nursing and Pharmacy and four auditoriums. And an excellent staff of 115 teachers in the various areas of knowledge, 107 technicians in the various areas (marketing, administration, communication, information and communication technology, etc.). ) to give full support to the students, who today have a total of 3,140, teachers and the people who are assisted in the above mentioned institutional programs. Therefore, with its experience, physical and human structure, Facimp Wyden intends to meet the objectives of the project with the Academic UN, focusing on the areas of sustainability, human development and education. We believe that this partnership is a strategy for the expansion of UN actions and activities in Brazil and the Tocantina Region, more specifically in Imperatriz, Maranhão. In addition, the proposed project may have scalability to 13 more Brazilian institutions from the Adtalem Educacional Brasil Group.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
Faculdade de Imperatriz (Facimp), located in the city of Imperatriz, state of Maranhão, has 20 years of regional tradition and was the first private institution of higher education in the city and pioneer in educational development actions of higher education, focusing on the socioeconomic growth of the Tocantins Region. Facimp's shares become more robust in 2016, when it is purchased by the Adtalem Educacional Brasil Group, becoming Facimp Wyden. Currently, the institution works with more than three thousand students belonging to the Tocantins Region, in which a large part of the state of Maranhão is inserted. It is among the poorest of the Brazilian states and it lacks in actions for human development, sustainability and education. Of the total of 27 Brazilian states, Maranhão has the 17th Gross Domestic Product, in 2018 (IBGE, 2018), and occupies the 26th position of the Human Development Index, in 2017 (UNDP, 2017). This scenario supports the need for actions to enhance the socioeconomic development of the region. Upon entering the United Nations Program, Facimp Wyden will act on specific axles to promote the development of these indicators for the Tocantins region, where the institution is located. In this sense, what is the objective of cooperation between FACIMP-WYDEN and the United Nations (United Nations)? In short, interaction can catalyze actions related to UN-Academic demand, such as: 1)human development,2)sustainability,3)capacity building in the higher education system, 4)opportunity for education for all and 5)the fight against poverty through education. And this institutional relationship can be presented without being measured by various activities: events, publications, training, training, training, among others, enabling the catalyzation of results and expansion of the number of actions, activities of projects and programs that are developed in the region of Imperatriz-MA, are they: 1)Enactus-Facimp: the only one in the state of Maranhão that aims to meet the social and economic entrepreneurship with the participation of teachers and students in order to implement good management practices and techniques, actions that will consolidate academic learning and promote development for assisted communities; 2)Wonder Woman: project that aims at social development focusing on entrepreneurship for low-income women who need to believe in themselves to start/professionalise their business. That is, it is a project focused on women's empowerment that develops training in various areas to enhance their business and their quality of life; 3)Center for Legal Practices (NPJ): which focuses on providing legal assistance to the needy community and provide its trainees the acquisition of knowledge for the exercise of various legal activities. In other words, it is a way to empower the local needy population in legal actions and train the student, because in this action there are always teachers guiding the actions. 4)And finally, the dentistry and nursing health center that serves the communities close to the university, prioritizing the learning and technical development of students from the practical actions with the supervision of teachers for the poor communities of Imperatriz-MA. Another important factor for this cooperation to happen is that our institution can generate an action of scalability from the Adtalem Educacional Brasil Group, which currently has 13 higher education institutions with 16 campuses throughout the country, offering undergraduate and graduate courses to more than 124 thousand students. To demonstrate our capillarity of action follow some cities where these institutions are located: Manaus-AM, Belém-PA, São Luiz-MA, Teresina-PI, Fortaleza-CE, Caruaru-PE, Recife-PE, Salvador-BA, Belo Horizonte-MG Campinas-SP, São Paulo-SP. In summary, all these localities need this involvement, empowerment and development of the local-regional society. Therefore, we have how to scale this initial action at Facimp Wyden to the rest of the Adtalem Group, represented by the following organizations: Damásio Educacional, IBMEC and WYDEN. The Group, present in Brazil since 2009, works with an education of international quality, associated with Brazilian talent, to empower its students to achieve their professional goals and promote the development of the regions in which they are inserted. This means that cooperation between Facimp Wyden and the UN could further enhance the projects and programmes for local and regional development of the inhabitants of the respective cities mentioned above. Showing our credibility the Faculdade de Imperatriz/ Wyden (Facimp), CNPJ (National Register of the Legal entity): 69.441.194/0001-67, is inside the regularized one of the Prescriptive Entrance hall n. 21, of 21/12/2017, official data base of the courses and Institutions of Superior Education - IES. In accordance with the system of the MEC (Ministry of Education - http://emec.mec.gov.br/) the institution is active with an institutional concept (CI) for the year of 2015 is 4 of 5 in the IGC (General Rate of Course) the value is 3 of 5. These indicators are good and appropriate represent that the institution is one of the references in the Region. The act regulatório in the system of the MEC is of 2001 and in 2016 there was a cadastral updating on behave of the acquisition of Adtalem Global Education, a holding with more 85 years of tradition in education area, which takes as an institutional attention to the student’s empowerment so that they reach their objectives, find the success and inspiring the global community. For such achievement the Facimp, currently, has a degree course structure with a total of thirty one (31) courses. Registered in the system, the post graduation has a total of ten (10) courses. These informations consolidate the Facimp as a great partner to participate and to cooperate in the academic structure of the UNAI, contributing in the actions of mutual interest to the development of the Tocantins Region in the Maranhão that are: 1) human development 2) sustainability 3) capacity to building up the higher educational system 4) education opportunity for all and 5) the struggle against the poverty through the education.