Faculdade de Juazeiro do Norte

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Juazeiro do Norte College
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São Francisco Street, 1204
www.fjn.edu.br / www.fjn.edu.br/maisfjn
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José Marcondes Macedo Landim
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Alberto Malta Junior
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Alday Pinheiro
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Sidney Lima
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Higher Education
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The Juazeiro do Norte College is located in the south of the State of Ceará, Brazil. The college was founded in 2003 and has ten undergraduate courses. There are approximately 2500 students enrolled. The institution also has postgraduate program in several areas of knowledge and develops social responsibility activities. To support these activities there are classrooms, auditorium, computer labs, didactic and professional laboratories and a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The latter was created to build a philosophy of innovation for the whole institution and as inspiration for the academic community. The institution offers some services to the local community: Nutrition Clinic, University Pharmacy, Architecture and Urbanism Laboratory, Accounting Laboratory, Attendance Clinic and Information Systems Laboratory.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
The institutional mission of the Juazeiro do Norte College is: to produce and disseminate science in several fields of knowledge, thus contributing to the full exercise of citizenship, prioritizing a humanist formation, critical and reflective, preparing competent and up-to-date professionals to enter the contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of society and the development of the Region Cariri, the State of Ceará and the Brazil. Our mission has some harmony with the principles of UNAI, especially with regard to higher education and sustainable development. In addition, there are many actions taken by the institution that are related to global agendas such as Agenda 2030. These actions are registered on our website (www.fjn.edu.br) and in our blog (www.fjn.edu.br/maisfjn ).