Dominica State College

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Stockfarm Campus, P.O. Box 2066, Roseau,
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Donald Peters, PhD
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Donald Peters , PhD
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Hermancia S Eugene-Zamore,PhD
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Dean of Academic Affairs
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The Dominica State College has a statutory board with members appointed by Government and the institution. Directly under the board dealing with Day to Day matters is the President. Under the president is the Dean of Academic Affairs, Registrar, Head of Student Affairs and Bursar. All Academic faculties have a Dean and fall under the Academic Affairs Office. Faculties include Arts and Sciences (FAS), Applied Arts and Technology (FAAT), Health Sciences (FHS), Education (FOE) and General Studies (GS). All Faculty provided associate degrees in multiple programs. FAAT and GS also offer certificate programs and GS provides continuing education courses.
Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles: 
Presently, DSC General Studies department facilitates public improvement in multiple fields including skills such as plumbing, electrical and Tiling. Recently, the institution received a grant to provide assistance in sales and marketing for persons owning small businesses. The grant also covered basic electrical and tiling for at risk groups. DSC is now tuition free to Dominicans and Caricom residence all in an effort to encourage education for all. We also run a CSEC program given individuals a second chance at qualifying for a College education. This program also runs Tuition free for students. We also realized that there was a need for English as a second Language (ESL) with the number of foreigners applying to our College with limited English speaking skills, as a result we recently started a program in ESL. We also work with other entities and company in terms of educating their workers. Presently, we are working with DOMLEC to set up an accredited program to get their linesmen and contacted linemen trained and certified. Finally, graduation is now affiliated with Service learning as we realized educated people need soft skills and experience to become productive contributors to the economy. We are the Country Territory institution and you take our mandate seriously. "'Dominica State College was established by an Act of Parliament (Dominica State College ACT 4 of 2002) and is the national public higher education institution of the country. Like Canadian Colleges and the University of the West Indies, State owned Commonwealth Institutions are not required to be accredited by external agencies. However, the Dominica State College has taken an added initiative and has requested that the State College be accredited by the Dominica National Accreditation Board. The College has been informed that the accreditation process will take place in 2021. Should you need further information please feel free to contact my Office