17 August 2015

Compete in the Peoples' Voices Challenge!




The Peoples' Voices Challenge offers individuals or organizations the opportunity to access the data collected through Global Conversation and to communicate findings to decision-makers as well as the general public.

Participants serve as a powerful link between the United Nations and the people in working towards achieving the proposed Sustainable Development Goals. This could be done by organizing a policy event, a social media rally or youth debates. The competitors will be able access the MY World Dataset which showcases the results of MY World Survey: the United Nations Survey for a Better World. The results from the Global Conversation have already informed Member States and United Nations discussions about the future development agenda, including the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

Competitors in the contest will be assisted by resources and suggestions on how they can contribute. The winners will be honoured with the coveted Peoples' Voices Award at a ceremony which will be held during the UN General Assembly in September 2015 in New York.

Make your voice heard; contribute your share to a sustainable tomorrow! For more information visit the Peoples' Voices Challenge website