29 January 2019

Committee on Teaching about the United Nations (CTAUN) 2019 Poster Contest for University Students

For 20 years the Committee on Teaching about the United Nations has been active in educating both about the role and the function of the United Nations as well as the issues that it addresses. We are pleased to announce the theme of this year’s conference: Our Planet - Our Crisis - What's Next? and once again we are calling upon university students to participate in the discussion through being part of the CTAUN Poster contest. Guidelines for the Posters are as follows:

  • Theme of posters must relate to the conference theme: “Our Planet - Our Crisis - What's Next?”
  • Students whose posters are chosen are expected to attend the conference and be available to display and explain their poster to interested Conference participants.
  • Students are asked to submit their poster in a PowerPoint slide format (one slide only) that can be expanded to a 36” by 24” board (portrait). CTAUN will arrange and cover expenses for production of the poster board.
  • The poster must be accompanied by a separate 200-500 word abstract, explaining the significance of the poster theme and hopefully pointing to a student’s current research or plan for research on the plan.
  • Contestants are advised that text should be limited on the poster. The poster message should be conveyed primarily through images, illustrations, and artwork. The posters that were chosen in the April 2018 Conferences can be seen by scrolling down at http://www.ctaun.org/excellence-in-education-awards/poster-contest-for-college-students/
  • Any photos or images need to be properly credited.
  • The deadline for submissions (both the poster 1-page PowerPoint and the abstract) is midnight February 28, 2019 and they should be sent to intlcoll@bridgeport.edu.
  • 4 to 8 winners will be contacted by CTAUN on March 15, 2019 and winners will receive further instructions at that time.
  • Winners will be publicly recognized at the April 5 CTAUN Conference and will have their registration fees waived.
  • Please feel free to email intlcoll@bridgeport.edu if you have any questions.