18 October 2019

Call for Proposals: Global Impact Challenge

Are you a young leader with an idea for a social impact project that contributes to the #GlobalGoals? Compete for the Global Impact Challenge by submitting your application by 11 November 2019 to a regional GAIN Hub of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation for a chance to be featured across its platforms and receive mentorship and seed funding to support your venture.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower youth to become the leaders and changemakers who will strive together to create a sustainable world free of war, oppression, exclusion, and poverty. Through a worldwide network, programs, and services, they are harnessing the power of friendship as a catalyst for greater understanding, shared learning, and sustainable action. A flagship program of FAF, The Youth Assembly has been championing youth leadership and development by spearheading a unique global platform for young leaders since 2004. It brings together hundreds of young leaders from different countries to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to share knowledge and connect with like-minded peers, trailblazers, and influencers, to develop global competence and critical skills, and to transform their vision for a better future through innovative action.

In preparation for The Youth Assembly, FAF is conducting regional Impact Challenges through its various Global Action and Impact Network (GAIN) hubs across the globe. The winners of each Hub will get an opportunity to compete at the Global Impact Challenge during the 25th session of The Youth Assembly. These winners will receive their award during the closing ceremony of The Youth Assembly, be featured prominently on our global platforms, receive mentorship on social entrepreneurship, and earn the opportunity to pitch their ideas to experts in the field, and receive seed funding for the implementation of their projects. Moreover, all finalists will receive feedback to further develop and improve their social impact project proposals.

Are you the next Impact Challenge winner?

Become a member of the Global Action and Impact Network (GAIN) for free to join the first globally-held Impact Challenge in 2020. 

In order to join, first you must sign up to become a member of GAIN. Then, email a GAIN Hub in your region with the subject line “Impact Challenge”. You will receive instructions on how to participate. Submit the application and stay tuned for the selection process.

Deadline to submit proposal: 11 November 2019

Visit the official website of the Global Impact Challenge to get inspired by previous winners.