9 May 2019

Call for Applications, Spring 2019: Knowledge Overviews on Global Catastrophic Risks and the Global Governance Gap

In a world of increased interdependence, global governance could include various forms of transnational collaboration, organisation and regulation to coordinate common affairs on the global level. A core mission of the Global Challenges Foundation is to promote ideas on how existing global governance institutions could be improved, and what new institutions are needed to enable adequate mitigation of global catastrophic risks.

The Global Challenges Foundation is offering grants for research overviews on global catastrophic risks and the gap in global governance of such risks. We welcome applications focusing on either or both of two broad topics:

- Drivers of global catastrophic risks

- The global governance gap

The Foundation will issue up to 10 grants of € 10 000 each, the task being to write a report that provides an overview of the current research and knowledge in the area, and highlights issues in need of further research.  Reports will be utilised by the Foundation to inform future, more extensive calls for innovation and research, and may also be published as part of a new series of themed research reports. Authors may be invited to present their results at events organised or co-hosted by the Foundation.

You can read more about the research grants and apply here. The deadline for application is June 6, 2019.