Be a Part of the #JoinTogether Network!

In 2018 De Montfort University launched the #JoinTogether network which has grown from nine to one hundred partner universities in over forty countries with the purpose of supporting refugees and migrants around the world. The network’s members also conduct and promote research and events on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. De Montfort University serves at the UNAI SDG Hub for SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. The #JoinTogether network plans to increase its impact by getting more universities involved. To see how your institution can contribute review the resources below: • The network’s website has news, lists of member institutions, case studies, contact info, and a platform for members to spread their ideas and projects with other members. • Sign-up to receive the newsletter featuring research and developments from member institutions and share your work by emailing • The network plans to have three international conferences that highlight research and projects related to SDG 16 and all other SDGs. • Listen and contribute to the #JoinTogether podcast featuring experts in academia and recent developments related to the SDGs. • Blogs describing student projects and research can be found at • Follow the @UniJoinTogether account on Twitter to receive updates on the network. If your university would like to become a member of the #JoinTogether network, apply here. If you are an institution of higher education and would like to join United Nations Academic Impact, fill out the enrollment form here.
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