20 November 2018

ASPIRE Chapter of East Stroudsburg Opens Conversation on Mental Health

20 November 2018 - The United Nations ASPIRE chapter of East Stroudsburg put the Sustainable Development Goal on good health and well-being into action to make a positive impact upon their community, through their panel discussion titled “Mental Health Matters”.

Recognizing the need to promote dialogue around mental health, ASPIRE students and their advisers Michael Healey and Dr. Michele Vella, PhD., developed this interactive panel discussion at the Historic Dansbury Depot.

Over 60 students attended this discussion. They were given the opportunity to interact with experts in the field of Mental Health including Dr. Kim Baranowski, PhD., Associate Director Mt. Sinai Center for Human Rights, Columbia University Teachers College, and Denise Carey, LCSW, as well as their adviser Dr. Vella, a Licensed Counseling Psychologist.

For over an hour, the students engaged with the panelists on potential careers in mental health, how to provide support for friends and family facing challenges, and advice to destigmatize discussions around suicide and depression. At the conclusion, students left the venue enlightened and empowered to keep the conversation going.