15 August 2018

Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade organizes the International Conference “A New Pedagogy for the Future Society"

15 August 2018 - Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade (Brazil), a member institution of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), together with the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation of Scientific, Educational, and Cultural Humanistic Research, is organizing the International Conference “A New Pedagogy for the Future Society", which will be held from 21 - 22 September in the city of Restinga Sêca, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The main subject of the event will be "Responsibility and duty of the person". The organizers consider that the role and individual accountability of each man are the first assisting elements considered for a more effective building and development of our social context. Several thematic axes will be covered, among them, "Responsible Leadership". Moreover, students of the institution will be able to participate in a separate section of the event designed for them.

Me in the project… is open for the participation of young people between 17 and 24 years old to demonstrate their own leading role in the construction of education through the work or participation in projects and organizations located at the Centro Internacional de Arte e Cultura Humanista Recanto Maestro. Aside from the documentation they need to provide, a video needs to be projected to support their results.

For more information you can visit the website of the conference: https://fundacaoam.org.br/congresso/uma-nova-pedagogia-para-a-sociedade-...